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Old 03-11-2011, 08:45 PM
gullycan gullycan is offline
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Default MS Security Essentials Vs Others

My Acer Extensa came with Windows Security Essentials. It was announced as the best system. Believed so.
My Hotmail account was hacked and all my contacts were asked for $1500 to get back home from Scotland where am suppoed to have gone to attend a seminar and lost all my personal belongings, namely passport, money etc.
Most of my contacts knew this to be false request and yet gossiped and hurt me.
Hurt and angered, Uninstalled Windows Security Essentials.
Installed Avast and Ad-Aware and SpyBot.
Avast tells me 'Your System is Secured'.
Have I done something wrong ?
Is it wrong to have intalled more than one security program ?
Should I uninstall two of the three: (1)Avast, (2)Ad-Aware, (3)Spy Bot ?
Windows Security Essentials alerts me that my Firewall is turned Off and it does NOT turn ON what ever I do.
Please tell me the best course of action.
Thank you,

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Old 03-11-2011, 10:30 PM
DominicD DominicD is offline
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hello gullycan

i am running WIndows 7. i have disabled its default security program "windows defender" and instead, i have installed Avast Free antirus and spybot search and destroy. also, i have not installed microsoft security essentials.

our avast antivirus always works in the background, so its 24/7 protection (of course it should be able to connect to the internet at least once a day to obtain the latest virus definition updates)

my spybot search and destroy has been installed with a little tweaking - during the installatio process i disabled the Internet Explorer "tea timer" protection. The "tea timer" is a feature of sypbot that works 24/7 and monitors any network activity. if it detects a network activity from a program, it might ask you if you want to allow or deny it. it works like a firewall but is not necessarily a firewall. i have disabled this feature since i think avast and windows 7 firewall would be sufficient for my security needs.

microsoft security essentials is an excellent and free antivirus software that is downloadable from the MS website. it provides good protection as the updates are from microsoft themselves

the basic idea with any antivirus is that its always updated with the latest antivirus patches. with microsoft or avast or spybot or ad-aware, i think these are all reputable companies that give their best to distribute the latest antivirus patches. so you can keep your current set of security software as is. having too many antivirus programs running on the same computer can produce a small chance of conflict -- antivirus A may interfere with the scan of antivirus b. while they would both detect and remove the virus, the last program to attempt killing the already killed virus may give an error that the target does not exist (no big deal, but you get the idea). also take note that any antivirus that runs 24/7 in the background affects system performance. modern computers have very good hardware, so this is not much of a noticeable slowdown.

windows (from xp, vista to 7) has a builtin firewall feature. you would want to have this firewall enabled all the time (unless of course you are using another firewall software)

to check that your windows firewall is working:
Start -- Control Panel -- Windows Firewall -- then click Turn Windows Firewall on or off

this is a screenshot from windows 7

the default firewall settings from windows xp--vista--7 are already sufficient to protect home and office users. any new programs that require internet access will ask for your permission - to allow or deny.

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Old 03-12-2011, 08:24 PM
gullycan gullycan is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 20
gullycan is on a distinguished road

Default SpyBot Works Fine

I could not open my Hotmail email account easily -- once opened the SysChat
emails would not open for more than 10 minutes -- Windows Security Essentials wanted me to remove all other anti-virus programs b4 installing WSE -- obediently uninstalled with RevoUninstaller Pro the SpyBot, Avast, & Ad-Aware -- then WSE says ''some problem caused it NOT to install -- now my PC is unprotected -- downloaded Avast but Windows Setup/Uninstaller has stopped working -- in a panic downloaded SpyBot -- through the grace of Internet God the SpyBot was installed and is scaning now -- opened another Chrome window and here am now -- things are working much much better now -- as you advised i unchecked Tea Timer b4 installing SpyBot.
Thank you Sir, you are a jewel, Cheers

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ad-aware, avast, security essentials, spubot

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