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Default MS Security Essentials Vs Others

My Acer Extensa came with Windows Security Essentials. It was announced as the best system. Believed so.
My Hotmail account was hacked and all my contacts were asked for $1500 to get back home from Scotland where am suppoed to have gone to attend a seminar and lost all my personal belongings, namely passport, money etc.
Most of my contacts knew this to be false request and yet gossiped and hurt me.
Hurt and angered, Uninstalled Windows Security Essentials.
Installed Avast and Ad-Aware and SpyBot.
Avast tells me 'Your System is Secured'.
Have I done something wrong ?
Is it wrong to have intalled more than one security program ?
Should I uninstall two of the three: (1)Avast, (2)Ad-Aware, (3)Spy Bot ?
Windows Security Essentials alerts me that my Firewall is turned Off and it does NOT turn ON what ever I do.
Please tell me the best course of action.
Thank you,

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