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How to setup an OpenVPN server and remote clients
Posted by: by DominicD
OpenVPN easy setup with Untangle

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure way to connect and control computers, servers, and access shared network drives and files through the internet
[Read More]
How to Block Websites on Mac Browsers
Posted by: by Juliet
There are many ways to blocks unwanted websites on a Mac OS X. The first that comes into your mind might be the Mac built-in parental controls, which is perfectly easy to be done. Likewise, there are many methods to bypass the built-in parental... [Read More]
Useful Tips for choosing best Registry Cleaner program
Posted by: by mark willium
Are you confused about choosing the best registry cleaner program for your PC? Since there are plenty of software out there so it is quite difficult to pick up the best among them. You need to do some research before choosing the best registry... [Read More]
When PDF Watermark Creator Proves Helpful For Users?
Posted by: by damonwatermark
How to insert PDF Watermark Manually? Legal professionals like forensic experts, lawyers, etc mostly get the need of making their electronic documents confidential because they have to pass through many legal activities in their profession,... [Read More]
How To Exclude Paths in McAfee Antivirus?
Posted by: by PCCare247
One of the most common grouses PC users come across while using an anti-virus application is real-time virus scans also tend to have a bearing on the performance of applications running on the PC. So, in order to avoid such an issue, it would be... [Read More]
The Best Password You Can Have?
Posted by: by mhookem
Following some of the recent security breaches which involved hacking user account databases, I thought I'd write a short article on how to create a good password.

The main points to consider:-

1.Using a word like... [Read More]
Trojans - What Are They And How Can You Avoid Them?
Posted by: by mhookem
Trojans are not viruses! Viruses self-replicate and spread themselves throughout computers and networks on their own accord and wherever they can.
Trojans are spread manually, via links or activation buttons for example.

You... [Read More]
Mobile Security - Useful Tips
Posted by: by mhookem
As the use of mobile devices have increased dramatically, so has the efforts by cyber criminals to compromise you phone or tablets security.

Here are just a few useful tips that you should think about when using your mobile.[Read More]
Save On Download Times For You Website - Draw A Button Using The Latest HTML5 & CSS3
Posted by: by mhookem
Save on download times for your website, blog and Facebook page posts (You can use currently available HTML apps for your facebook page)

Below is a relatively tidy button rendered through your browser using only HTML (no images).[Read More]
Use HTML5 CSS & SVG To Draw
Posted by: by mhookem
Simply copy & paste into your html editor and then view in your browser.

Googles chrome definitely supports everything here, as yet untested on the new IE9.

You can read my blog to see my opinions on it all.[Read More]
Retrieve Windows XP Administrator Password With USB Drive
Posted by: by syonxu
I used to meet some questions on Yahoo Answers as:
1. If I have forgotten my Windows XP password, then how do I get back into my system?
2. How to solve the problem of "I Forgot My Windows XP Password?"?
3. Forgot... [Read More]
Zoom Online Images in Chrome Itself
Posted by: by freshmorning2010
If you are a fanatical fan of sharing and viewing multiple images on the Web, there is good news for
you! Instead of opening these images in a suitable program for viewing them in a bigger size, you can
now zoom them in your browser... [Read More]

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