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Windows Vista, Is it really worth the trouble?

Published by Sami

Windows Windows Vista, Is it really worth the trouble?

I have read hundreds of articles about the new Windows Vista Operating System.

After reading the pros and cons of what the public has to say, the Cons outweigh the Pros by about 90%

Microsoft has come out with a supposedly super duper New Operating System, But everyone is having problems Installing it.

First you cannot have an Fat32 partition, it has to be NTFS. Second you have to have at least 11 Gigs, yes GIGS of space available in your operating system drive to Install it.

From what I have read, it even gives you a hard time upgrading and from Xp Pro to Windows Vista. Most users have to do a new install which wipes out all of your data if you do not back it up first.

Now most people just stick the disk in and expects it to upgrade with just a little waiting time an a few clicks to continue. Folks do not be fooled by this old technique.

Windows Vista does not recognize a lot of your hardware and if you do not have the drivers for you Modem, Graphics Card etc, you are totally screwed. This is if you can even get it to install.

Now as you know, when windows comes out with a new OS, there is always an issue and a lot of debugging to do.

It has to be tested by the public , You! The same people that are testing it are the same people that are crashing their computers. You You You!

Now as an intelligent human being, why would anyone pay all this money to upgrade to something they don't even know will out perform their current OS is beyond me.

I say to all of the readers that are considering upgrading, please wait until Microsoft can Guarantee a smooth upgrade and insure you that it will not crash your computer.

Personally, You should go read up on it before you spend hundreds of dollars on something you do not need and take a chance on loosing data you do need!

In Summary, is it really worth it? you make the choice, but be forewarned. You already know your current Operating System Works, do you really want Vista just to say you have it and to stay up with the Jone's?

Dr. Golden

About the Author

Dr. Golden is a retired religious Counselor now residing in Guyana South America with is wife Alana. He moved to Guyana from the USA in 1993 and has become part of the culture of the Caribbean.


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