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Recover your Hard Drive Data 101

Published by Sami

Default Recover your Hard Drive Data 101

Most people do not realize the importance of backing up their files. As the cliché goes, you only realize the importance of something once it is gone. You accidentally delete your file or your hard drive goes nuts. Now your files are gone, and you feel miserable, depressed and frustrated because those are precious files. May it be work-related, school-related, sentimental value-related, you now feel the impact of your lost files because those files are indeed important.

So now what are you going to do? You can wallow in grief and learn your lesson to back up your files the next time.

But you can’t help but think of how important those files were. Your boss is going to be raging mad. Those reports should be submitted on time. Is there a way to recover them?

Of course there is.

If you accidentally deleted a file from the recycle bin, don’t fret. You could still recover that file because it is not completely deleted. Windows only modifies the first letter of the file name in the disk's bookkeeping system so technically the file is still there. In order for you to recover that file, the file’s original name and retags should be restored before Windows overwrites it.

Because Windows hasn’t exactly deleted your files, it is only sensible that you do not anymore save anything on the hard drive. Why? Because once you have saved a new file, your deleted file (that you badly need to recover) will be overwritten to give way to the newly saved file.

You do not want that to happen right? So leave it as is or else you could do more damage than ease out the situation.

Now what? There is no magic formula to recover your files. To recover your files you will need a special recovery software or utility.

There are many commercially available recovery tools that you could use. Most of these tools access the disk through an operating system. Search the internet for programs that can restore your files. But before you actually buy a product that you think will work, read and research on several product reviews so that you not only get to recover your files but you also get your money’s worth.

If you can’t afford to spend on special recovery tools, you can find freeware restoration utilities on the internet. FINDNTFS, NTFS reader for DOS, TESTDISK, PC Inspector and Restoration are good freeware restoration tools that you can use.

If unfortunately all else fails, your last option is to hire a professional data recovery service but be prepared to shell out some serious cash. Prices can range from $300 to $4000. Just make sure you look a for a data recovery service that is reliable and won’t charge you if you can’t recover your data.

Also if you already decided to seek professional help, be prepared to supply them with your PC’s necessary information like drive size, operating system, and the cause of failure.

Now you have learned your lesson. Data loss is due to many reasons; user error, software error, hard drive failures, etc. Hard drives are not immortal; they too wear out, get defects and eventually die. You are not perfect; you make mistakes and accidentally delete things. You can prevent costly data recovery and other hassles if you will back up those files.

If you found those tips useful more information on Data Recovery can be found at "Data Recovery without heartache"


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