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The low downs of BitTorrent

Published by eloisa_g

Default The low downs of BitTorrent

The low downs of BitTorrent

One of the past times of most internet users nowadays is downloading. People do not just download pictures and music but also television shows, movies and of course software programs. Since the emergence of technology, the internet savvy people have been on the search for best ways to get what they want. In downloading, programs like Napster, Kazaa and Limewire have been so far useful but as you noticed those three programs provided good source for mostly music only but what about movies and other large files?

Since then a new method of getting files has emerged. BitTorrent has become popular for it enables users over the internet to download large files through peer to peer sharing protocol.

But before anything else you need know some terms to understand the world of BitTorrrent. Leeches are referred to people who do not share files with other users while a Seed or Seeder is someone who has a torrent file. Torrents is referred to as the file of what you have download from BitTorrent and since users keep on uploading and downloading files from each other there is a server that manages the exchange of files among the users and this is called Tracker. In BitTorrent lingo the users who upload and download files all at the same time are called Swarms.

How it works

BitTorrent basically works by getting the file that you want from a BitTorrent site. I personally recommend but there are a lot of sites where in you can get torrents of your preferred categories. Once you find the torrents of what you are looking for you can download it already. However the idea of BitTorrent is that you don’t just download and get files from others but you have to share or upload as well.

Pros and Cons of BitTorrent

BitTorrent is actually the original P2P client created by Bram Cohen and has made downloading a lot easier and faster. Since it is the original expect not to have spyware or adware. BitTorrent is actually also for people who can’t wait for their television shows because in here you can usually find updated television series uploaded by other users. This is actually recommended for people who would frequently download big files like videos and shows because if you try downloading it from Kazaa or Limewire it would take forever before you can have what you want and you’ll have high chances of getting corrupt files as well. Lastly the most beautiful thing about this is that it’s for free.

However for every great technology there is always a downside and what limits everyone from using this is that you can’t download all you want. Remember there should be a balance for this and the golden rule that you have to upload and share if you want to download torrents from peers. Also you have to search the World Wide Web for torrents of the files you want. There is no single site that will let you find everything you are looking for but there are a lot sites out there available that supports BitTorrent you just have to be resourceful enough.

Now that you know the basic things go ahead and start having your own BitTorrent but it’s up to you so weigh the pros and cons for this P2P client. If you aren’t sure yet another recommended P2P client would be uTorrent and BitComet. Just remember don’t just download but also share what you have!


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