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5 Reasons why you should get a Digital Camera

Published by hvios2007

Default 5 Reasons why you should get a Digital Camera

In our digital age and fast paced world, who would have missed this wonderful innovation of camera? Long before people have to buy films and develop it inside a dark room. Then later on shoot and point camera became popular some are automatic and some you have to rewind every take. After you finish a film of 36 shots you bring it to a developing shop and wait for an hour to have it. Well that’s the life then but now thanks for the emergence of digital camera and we don’t have to deal with those anymore:

Here I will provide reasons why you should have a digital camera:

1. Films are gone.

Since it is digital already you don’t need to purchase a film every now and then if you want to take pictures. A digital camera is equipped with a memory card in which your digital pictures are stored. The number of photos you can take will depend on your memory storage and the pixel capability of your digital camera. You can simply delete or select the photos that you want right after every shot since there a screen in your digital camera.

2. Easy transfer

After you have captured images in your digital camera the next thing you have to do is transfer it to your personal computer laptop. You can do this in two ways. First you can take out the memory card of your digital camera and simply insert it in you memory card read or just simply plug the cable that comes with your digital camera into your USB port. In no time you can take a look at your captured images already. No more lining up I shops and waiting for a one hour developing time.

3. Easy view and edit

As long as your pictures are in your computers already, there are endless possibilities of editing and manipulating your photos. Crop, rotate, resize are some of the basic manipulative actions you can do in the computer with no sweat. For more endless possibilities and options in editing your photos, you can download and use software like Adobe Photoshop to achieve your desired results. From color adjustments, distorting images and even concealing imperfections.

4. Easy print, reproduction and storage

Due to contrary belief it is very practical to produce photos from your digital camera by printing it using a photo paper. This is much better since you can only print the pictures that you want. For more advance users they can purchase a printer that is made for digital cameras. This type of printer doesn’t even need a computer since you can print your photos directly from your digital camera. For pictures you wish not to print, you can simply store and burn it on a CD. You can start giving copies of it also to other people and let them personally pick if they want to print it or store it instead.

5. Digital quality at its finest

Since it is digital you are assured of a fine crisp image from your photos. The number of pixel determines this as well so the higher the pixel the better quality photos you will have. In addition digital cameras can suit to your personal preference as well. It doesn’t have to be black and bulky compared before because most digital cameras today have nice sleek body. Some even have stylish colors and design while some are even waterproof.

So with all the practically that digital camera can bring I think there is no way that you would still want to get back to your old cameras. So at the count of three smile and say cheese!


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