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Remote Control Your Computer - LogMeIn

By DominicD
“How do I uninstall a program? Where is the task bar and how do I change my wallpaper?”

Have you ever encountered these easy questions, yet find them incredibly hard to describe and explain to a non-computer savvy user? Have you ever wished you were just sitting next to their desk so you can move the mouse and operate their computer instead? The answer to this tech-support nightmare is “remote access”. Remote access software like Logmein (, and TeamViewer (TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet) will be your extended eyes and mouse control to support the problem computer.

LogMeIn provides both free and paid options for remote access. I personally use LogMeIn free edition. I have it installed on my home desktop, my office laptop, my wife’s computer, and a friend’s home desktop.

LogMeIn Installation
  1. Register for an account on
  2. From the control panel, a link is available for installing logmein on the computer that you are currently using.
  3. Choose the link for installing LogMeIn Free, download and run the LogMeIn Free installer.
  4. Input a descriptive name when asked for the computer name – say “Home Desktop”. When the installation completes, the LogMeIn icon now appears on your taskbar.

Remote Control with LogMeIn – this is the fun part!
You now have logmein free installed on your desktop. Leave the desktop on and connected to the internet. Now switch to your laptop and browse to the website.
  1. Login to your logmein account. You will be taken to the control panel, notice that there is now the list of your desktop computer
  2. Click on the desktop computer for remote access. (Install the required logmein browser plugin)
  3. Input the desktop’s username and password.

  4. Congratulations! You are now remotely controlling your home desktop!

While using only your laptop, you can now remotely move the desktop’s mouse and keyboard. Its as if you are sitting next to the desktop. The logmein toolbar on the top gives you more control options

Remote Acess software like LogMeIn provide countless benefits! Imagine working as remote tech support for family and friends. No more hours of repetitive phone tech support! No more commute and travel just to physically update Grandma’s skype version!

Install LogMeIn remote access on your office laptop or second computer now! All it takes is a web browser to access any computer where you have logmein installed at.

In my next post, I will be giving a quick walkthrough for TeamViewer – yet another free and awesome remote access tool.

Please refrain from occasionally spooking younger siblings into thinking that the computer has a mind of its own , and is typing by itself

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