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Reduced functionality in Windows Vista

Reduced functionality in Windows Vista

Published by louvince

Windows Reduced functionality in Windows Vista

Windows Vista may have reduced functions if ever it is not activated within the given activation period which is usually 30 days. It also enters into a non-genuine reduced functionality mode when Windows Genuine Advantage service identifies it as a fake version of Windows Vista. When you modify the computer hardware, Windows Vista may determine it as running on a different computer, thus also going into out-of-grace reduced functionality.

Windows Vista goes into an out-of-grace functionality mode when you fail to activate it within 30 days after installation or when you forget to reactivate Vista within three days after a major hardware component replacement on the computer such as the computer motherboard to a non-OEM motherboard. It also goes into that functionality mode when you forget to renew Vista’s activation within seven months or 210 days from activation. Also, when Window Vista is not activated within thirty days after the hard disk drive of the computer was replaced. What are the things that you can only do when the computer is in the out-of-grace functionality mode?

You can get your new key by logging on the Windows Vista for an hour or access the data on the local computer. You can also run scripts from a remote computer using Windows Management Instrumentation. Since Windows Vista does not log you off the computer, you can still stay logged on to use most of its features until you get a new key.

You can also run your computer in safe mode to have access to some data available. What you can’t do when in this mode is to play games provided by the Windows Vista system. You cannot also use the Premium Features of Windows Vista such as the Aero Glass, ReadyBoost and BitLocker features. And you are only limited to an hour of surfing Windows Vista to look for your new product key and fix the problem. This is the only way you can get out of this out-of-grace functionality mode.

When your computer gets into the non-genuine reduced functionality mode, it is for several reasons. The Windows Genuine Advantage has detected that you have used a blocked product key or a counterfeit one. It may have also found incorrect activation binary files or modified activation binary files. Or it enters into the non-genuine reduced functionality mode after not being able to resolve an out-of-grace reduced functionality mode.
While in this mode, you cannot access premium content from the Microsoft Download center. Other Premium features included in Windows vista like the Aero Glass and Windows ReadyBoost cannot be accessed at this time.

Fortunately, you can still use most of the features of Windows Vista. You can also reactivate your product key or change it if the other one is counterfeit or blocked. You are also able to log on to Windows Vista with no time constraint of an hour.

Remember that when you upgrade or install Windows Vista into your computer, make sure that you have bought it from a reputable seller so as to not have any problems with it. Also, always keep your activation product key so you can have it ready when you encounter such problems and enter into this reduced functionality mode.


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