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Windows Vista - a Welcome Change!

Published by Sami

Default Windows Vista - a Welcome Change!

The Windows Vista User Experience represents a new design philosophy that delivers a compelling user experience from the moment that you start interacting with the computer to the moment that you leave it. It introduces breakthroughs in user experience, security and reliability, enabling you to build applications that bring clarity to the user's complex world of information.

In the past, Windows focused heavily on discoverability, time to task, and task completion. The Windows Vista User Experience continues to deliver on discoverability, time to task, and task completion. From folders to animations, thumbnail views to the glass look of interface elements, Windows Vista is nothing short of stunning.

Working with Windows Vista is all about seeing, finding, organizing, and confidently controlling your information and your computer. It enables a new level of confidence in your computer. Desktop.Windows Vista provides a solid visual experience, free of flicker, redrawing, hesitation, latency, and visual artifacts.

New productivity tools bring clarity to information on your computer--you can see what your files contain without opening them, find applications and files instantly, navigate efficiently among open windows, and traverse wizards and dialog boxes more confidently and surely.

In computers that can use the new Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WVDDM), windows are translucent, meaning that it's easier to focus on the content of a window rather than the window itself.Windows Vista provides two entirely new features to manage windows codenamed "Flip" and "Flip 3D".

Flip allows you to flip through open windows (by using Alt+Tab) providing a live thumbnail of each window rather than just a generic icon and filename. With Flip 3D,you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to flip through open windows in a stack, and quickly locate and select the one you want to work with.Windows Vista introduces a new level of confidence to the experience of using your computer.

Beyond the design aesthetic of Windows Vista, the fundamentals of the operating system free you from worrying about security, reliability, and managing your computer. You are in total control.

Security is fundamental to the Windows Vista architecture. Windows Vista security features protect against the latest generation of threats, such as worms, viruses, and spyware. In the unlikely event of a successful attack, Windows Vista ensures that the effects are minimal. With Windows Vista, you can connect to whomever you want and do the things that you want to do, confident that Windows Vista is keeping your information and your computer safer.

Overall, the Windows Vista experience is more polished, smooth, and refined on all computers. Even details such as how windows move when they are minimized have been improved-when minimized, a window now clearly minimizes to a thumbnail on the taskbar where it resides, making it easier to locate later.

Some interesting Features :

1. Parental Controls: Windows Vista introduces a rich set of parental control features, providing powerful tools to help parents monitor, manage, and administer their children's computer usage to keep them safe.

2. Fast On and Off: A Windows Vista computer starts and shuts down as quickly and reliably as a television, typically within 2 to 3 seconds. Windows Vista processes login scripts and startup programs and services in the background so you can start working right away.

3. Diagnostics: Built in diagnostics will help you detect, analyze, and fix problems such as failing hard drives, networking and performance issues more quickly and easily and help keep your computer running smoothly.

4. User Account Protection: Windows Vista User Account Protection bridges the gap between user and administrative privileges by running programs with limited permissions. When you need to perform an administrative task, such as installing software or drivers, Windows Vista prompts you to confirm your intentions or to provide the proper administrator credentials.

5. New look and feel: When you start using Windows Vista, you will recognize familiar elements such as the Start menu and task bar. Beyond the familiar, however, the overall Windows experience is redesigned and streamlined so that it is more intuitive, more attractive, and easier for you to use so you can accomplish tasks more efficiently.

6. Familiarity: Because Windows Vista is built on technology that you are already familiar with, you can get up to speed quickly with minimal training and support.

7. Media Center: Enjoy all your favorite entertainment -- including live and recorded TV, movies, music, and pictures -- in one place through an easy-to-use Media Center menu system and remote control.

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Nicholas Spriggs at is dedicated to providing up to date and acurate information in the computer and technology field.


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