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Microsoft Windows XP: Service Pack 2 Removal

By KarlM
Note: If a system already operates with the Windows XP Service Pack 2, installing Windows XP SP2 in the computer will cause the creation of another uninstall folder within that computer’s hard drive. Each Windows XP SP2 installation creates a new folder. The new folder will occupy fifty to a hundred megabytes of the drive’s disk space.

The following are some procedures used to remove Microsoft Windows XP SP2 from a computer:

Use the Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs Tool
• Go to ‘Start’, and click on the Run command. Enter [appwiz.cpl] in the ‘Open’ search box, and click on ‘Ok’.
• Click on the check box that states ‘Show Updates’ to select it.
• Click on the Windows XP Service Pack 2 program, and then choose ‘Remove’.
• Further instructions will appear on the screen to delete Windows XP SP2.

Utilize the hidden NtServicePackUninstall Folder

• Go to ‘Start’, and click ‘Run’. Enter [c:\windows\$NtServicePackUninstall$\spuninst\spuni nst.exe] in the ‘Open’ entry box, and click on ‘Ok’.
• After the Removal Wizard for the Windows XP Service Pack 2 initiates, click on the ‘Next’ command.
• The screen will display additional instructions to erase Windows XP SP2.

Use the System Restore Feature
• Go to ‘Start’, and click on ‘Run’. Enter the string [%SystemRoot%\System32\restore\rstrui.exe] within the ‘Open’ search box, and click on ‘Ok’.
• Activate the ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’ option, and click on ‘Next’.
• Click on the date when Windows XP SP2 was installed. After this, go to ‘Restore Point’ and click on ‘Installed Windows XP Service Pack 2’.
• Click on the ‘Next’ command, and go through the instructions stated for removal of Windows XP SP2.

Employ the Recovery Console

Note: The steps contained within this particular step comprise information on changing your registry. Before attempting to amend this, back up the registry. Ensure that you have proper knowledge on registry restoration in the event that any problems surface.

Incorrectly employing the Registry Editor may bring about problems whose solutions may necessitate operating system re-installation. Utilizing the Registry Editor may be risky, so proceed with caution.

If none of the aforementioned steps result in the removal of Windows XP SP2 from your system, the Recovery Console may be of use. Here are the steps:

• Place the startup disk for Windows XP in your floppy drive, or use your CD or DVD drive and the Windows XP CD. Restart the computer after this. If your screen displays the ‘Press any key to boot from CD’ message, press any key on your keyboard to start the computer from the installer CD. Also, the computer’s configuration must be such that the system will start from the CD or DVD drive. Reading the instructions that come with the PC, or consulting with the manufacturer’s service team can help you organize your computer’s workings to initiate from the CD or DVD drive.

• Upon display of the message stating ‘Welcome to Setup’, press on the ‘R’ key to access the Recovery Console. A number of options will be displayed on-screen.

• Select the appropriate Windows XP installation. The user must choose a number before pressing ‘Enter’. Otherwise, the system will restart. The selection ‘1: C:\Windows’ is usually available.

• The system may ask for an Administrator password. Type the password and press ‘Enter’. If you do not have the password. Pressing ‘Enter’, nonetheless, may give you access, as the password is typically left blank.

• Enter the string [cd $ntservicepackuninstall$\spuninst] on the command prompt line. Press the ‘Enter’ key. Completion of this step means that the removal process cannot be halted at any point afterwards.

• Type in [batch spuninst.txt] at the command prompt, and press the ‘Enter’ key. The associated file for Spuninstal.txt will appear. The screen will scroll through, showing files (as well as errors) being duplicated. This is part of the process.

• Once the Windows XP Service Pack 2 has been removed (after the last step), type ‘Exit’, and press the ‘Enter’ key.

• Make sure that your system restarts in Safe Mode. Press the F8 keyboard button to do this. In some cases, your system may lock up and show a black screen. Re-restart the computer by turning it off, and then on. The subsequent restarting will allow the user to log on.

• Upon this restart, your computer’s Windows Explorer program (or the Explorer.exe file) may not activate. The Start button and other Windows icons may be inaccessible also. Correct this situation by following these steps:

Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete buttons simultaneously to initiate Windows Task Manager.

Click on ‘File’, and then ‘New Task’.

Enter [regeddit] in the ‘Open’ search panel, and click on the Ok button.
Find this registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\RpcSs] and click on it.

Go to the viewing panel’s right side. Right-click on ‘ObjectName’, and click on the ‘Modify’ option. Enter ‘LocalSystem’ in the entry box for Value Data, and click on ‘Ok’.

Restart the system.

When removing the Microsoft Windows XP SP2, it is recommended to follow the different procedures listed above in the exact order.

If the Service Pack is installed on a computer that already has one version, employing the removal procedures will only cause the system to revert to the Windows version that was incumbent before the installation. This implies that the program will go back to the Windows XP SP2 from the initial installation.

Note that these procedures may cause your computer to be more prone to attacks from viruses and other malicious software, or malicious users. Use these workarounds at your discretion and risk.

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