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Interesting Tweaks and hacks for Windows 7 taskbar

By dwarkarao
This is one of the most interesting tweaks possible on Windows 7. Windows 7 is said to be one of most user friendly operating systems ever designed. And until you experience that, you cannot state that. It has got so much to offer.

Task bar is the PART where one watches all the launched applications. So some times we try our level best to keep them clean and neat. Cleaner it is, better is your environment and better is your mood to work.

Windows 7 Task bar can be divide into two parts just like all the other Windows task bars.
Left Hand Side - Start Button and the Quick Launch button and open windows.
Right Hand Side - Notification area with Show desktop.
You can see lot of improvement from left hand side comparing the Windows Vista. Beside the Start button by default you can see three icons for Internet Explorer, Library Folder and Windows Media Player that acts like quick launch buttons.

To add any other frequently used program by drag and dropping the the short cut to the task bar from desktop or any other folder.To delete these buttons from right click on the task bar button you want to remove and click Unpin this Program from taskbar.Also you can see the recently/frequently opened files by right click on the task bar button. Or by holding the mouse on the button and move the cursor upwards.All the open programs will go under each bottom and moving the mouse over each button will show the open windows. You can switch between the the windows or close them.

Clicking on the bottom will minimise and maximise the open windows or open new instance if there is no open program.
Pretty much in Windows7 you can handle all the windows functions from the taskbar buttons.
Right hand side of the taskbar is same as old except for having a dark grey area after the clock which will show desktop as you click on it.
Task bar properties can be accessed by right click on the task bar and click on the properties. It give the options to
Lock the taskbar
Auto hide taskbar
Use smal icon
Taskbar location of your screen
Customise which notification icons appear in the notification area.

That is all

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