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Hyperjacking - Future Computer Server Threat

Hyperjacking - Future Computer Server Threat

Published by DanielGray

Bug Hyperjacking - Future Computer Server Threat

The Hyperjacking is one of the latest threats to computer servers. Since phishing and virus attacks now outdated, hackers are now trying to perform a new malicious execution, hyperjacking. Hyperjacking revolves within the corporate world due to the application’s interest in virtualization. Since virtualization permits a multiple requests within the operating system to be executed in a single host, hyperjacking generally involves hardware manipulation.

Since the hypervisor of hyperjacking specifically operates in stealth mode and runs beneath the machine, it makes more difficult to detect and more likely gain access to computer servers where it can affect the operation of the entire institution or company. If the hacker gains access to the hypervisor, everything that is connected to that server can be manipulated.

The Hyperjacking involves an installation of fake hypervisor which can manage the entire server system. Standard security protocols are hopeless because the operating system will be unaware that an attack has been established.
Since Hyperjacking is still in its infancy, according to some reports, there has not been an attempt of hyperjacking on the Internet. However, experts are still looking for evidence of hyperjacking. Experts identified that in able to perform a hyperjack, the hacker should have a physical access to the main serer, or maybe encourage a user to install an application. It is also suggested that the hacker would need a processor that is hardware assisted virtualization capable.

Since Microsoft Corporation wants to implement a virtualization to every Windows Server system, numerous prospective targets for hyperjacking will rapidly amplify. Even though the threat is currently in low level risk, Microsoft and AMD as well as Intel are working simultaneously in finding ways to minimize unauthorized hypervisor at hardware level.

The future threat for computer servers is hypothetically an attack that fetches a computer that operates one or various virtual systems. The standard protocol for Hyperjacking is that a hacker will try to target a computer underneath the virtual machines to be able to run its malicious code, and the programs that are running over the virtual machines will be unaware that it is compromised.

There has not been any report of an actual demonstration of hyperjacking, according to various reports about this threat; it was considered the attack in future computer servers and maybe for private computers as well. This future threat may be at its infancy today, but we will be hearing and reading more about this threat in the coming days.


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