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Autorun.ITA is also known as W32/Autorun.ITA

Autorun.ITA is also known as W32/Autorun.ITA

Published by DanielGray

Bug Autorun.ITA is also known as W32/Autorun.ITA

The Autorun.ITA is also known as W32/Autorun.ITA. This type of virus can severely damage a contaminated system. It propagates in stealth mode in order to shun away from users and security applications. It spreads through shared network, mapped drives, by contaminating files which in turn will be distributed all over the network. This threat primarily found online on March 2009 and according to some reports updated last June 2009.

It will try to copy files and codes of a program which might be used to spread the threat in the system. Autorun.ITA scrubs out the original file after it was installed and attempts to modify the system authorization in order to conceal itself. It will then check if the contaminated system is link to a network and creates an inventory of all the mapped drives. It will then create a copy of the virus on every mapped drives found. This particular threat penetrates a computer via email messages, floppy drives, files from unauthorized FTP, downloads, peer-to-peer networks, IRC channels, etc.

If your computer contaminated by Autorun.ITA, perform a full scan of your system using Panda Antivirus or Free AVG. It is necessary to download updates for the antivirus. Delete all files detected and link to the Autorun.ITA.

In order to keep away from various threats such as the Autorun.ITA, install a reliable and stable anti-spyware application, and always turn the firewall on for added protection.


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