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Old 04-20-2009, 07:27 AM
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Default How to setup windows98

Ok, im going to take my skills that i learnt from my Computer Maintenance lessons and write you people a guide on how to set up Windows 98, for those of you who still use it. This will cover First & Second Editions.

Ok im assuming that you already have the OS instakked presently on your system. The reason i say this is because Windows 98 has a nifty feature for creating boot disks, which you will need. You will need 1 blank formatted flppy disk for this part. Begin by inserting your floppy disk into you A:\ drive. Then follow the following steps below:

Click Start
Click Settings
Click Control Panel
Double click Add/Remove Programs
Click Startup Disk
Click Create Disk

You will then need to wait untill it has finished creating the disk.

Now for the next step. You will need to go into your computers BIOS to check that you can boot from the A:\ drive, as this will be your primary boot device. Once you have cxhanged this setting (if you need to) insert the boot disk you made and restart your PC. You will also need your Windows 98 CD in your CD Drive. You will then see a menu with the following options:

1) Start the computer with CD ROM Support (This is the option you want)
2) Start the computer without CD ROM Support
3) View the Help File

Select option 1 from the menu.

You will then see the a:\ drive reading the disk. Wait untill it has finished loading all the drivers for the CD ROM and you should then see an A:\ prompt. From here type the word fdisk and press enter.

You will then see a message about using large disk support. READ THIS FIRST AS IT IS IMPORTANT. If you have a disk larger the 512MB you will need to select Y when you see "Do you want to enable large disk support? Y/N, you need to press Y to enable this.

You will then be back at the main FDISK screen and you will need to select option 3 from the menu and press enter. You will need to delete your existing partition(s). You will need to do it in this order.

#2.Extended Dos Partition
#1. Primary Dos Partition.

If you only have a primary partition on your disk, select option 1. If you have an extended Dos partition and a primary Dos partition on your drive, you will then need to delete the extended partotion first by selecting option 2 and then delete the primary Dos partition by selection option 1

After you have done this press escape (ESC) on your keyboard to go back to the main FDISK screen.

You now need to select option 1 from the menu. create Primary Dos Partition. Now we're going to create a Primary partition. Choose #1. If asked to use *all* space, answer 'No' and enter the amount you wish for the C: drive. Unless you only want a single-partition hard drive. In that case, you would answer 'Yes'. If you answer no, you will have to enter an amount, i recommend you enter 60% when asked.

The first partition on your first hard drive should automatically be set to Active partition. If not, FDISK may ask you, or you may have to select item #2: Set active partition from the main menu. The active partition is usually the C: drive.

Next we create the Extended DOS Partition. Choose #2. Recall that each hard drive can only have one Extended DOS Partition. Use *all* remaining space. I repeat, use all the remaining space to create your Extended DOS Partition. If asked to enter an amount enter 40%,

Next you will need to restart your PC. Quit FDISK by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Del keys together on your keyboard, IMPORTANT: Keep your Windows CD ROM in the CD drive and also keep your floppy disk in the a:\ drive, restart you PC you see the menu with these options:

1) Start the computer with CD ROM Support (This is the option you want)
2) Start the computer without CD ROM Support
3) View the Help File

Select option 1 from the menu.

You will then be back at the a:\ Prompt. Now its time to format the disk by using the following command. If you have 2 partitions (C & D) enter these commands one by one

To format your C Partition, use this command

format c: /u

Wait for the format to complete then format your D Partition by using this command

format d: /u

Wait for the format to complete and then we will proceed to the next step

Ok so you have now sucessfully formatted your 2 partitions, its time to install your operating system.

The letter of your CD ROM Drive will be E:\ as your 2 partitons are C & D

So then you type this command:


You are now in your CD ROM Drives directory

So now you type the word setup and press enter.

If you have decided to only create a primary partition this will be C, so your CD ROM Drive letter will be D.

Once you enter Windows 98 setup, follow the on screen prompts to install the operating system.

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Old 05-02-2009, 06:20 PM
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Sorry I haven't done a format in a long time but as far as I can remeber there is a virtual disk there also. Isn't there ? Unless I am thinking os a different statrtup floppy So in that case if your hard drive is C & D then it would be followed by the virtual disk E and then the CDROM in F

I think an explanation would be in order why the format must be used with the /U parameter. Personally I have unly used it with the /s parameter or none and I did not have any problems with windows 98

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