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How to remove SpyLocked

How to remove SpyLocked

Published by DanielGray

Default How to remove SpyLocked

SpyLocked is a rogue anti-spyware, which is also known as Spywarelocked, is installed by Zlob Trojans. It camouflages its files as an audio or video codec and needs to be downloaded by the user to be able to access a specific audio or video file. In effect, the program will exhibit various alert messages, pop-ups and system setback.

SpyLocked Penetrating Methods
When the SpyLocked/ SpywareLocked is downloaded and executed to the system, it would automatically initiate a system scan. The result will present records of fake and exaggerated occurrence of various threats including the Zlob Trojan. It will then prompt the user on acquiring the complete version of the application.

During installation, the SpyLocked will set up a copy of its files into the Windows System32 folder. It then generates its registry values and keys to be able to run the application upon system startup.

How to Avoid SpyLocked Infection
Experts suggest that users must regularly download the necessary update for the system’s security software to avoid SpyLocked as well as other threats to the system. The use of legitimate anti-spyware software is required to protect the system from malicious programs found on the Internet.

SpyLocked Infection Symptoms
Since the SpyLocked executes upon computer start-up, it slows down the unit’s start-up. During other computer activities the computer could work sluggish. Some shortcuts might be seen on the desktop. The browsers settings may be changed automatically. The websites may sometimes be redirected especially when visiting websites that are currently under construction.

SpyLocked Effects
Most spyware change the settings of the browser, like the homepage, sometimes when the user is searching the search is redirected to other sites. Several processes are always launched by this spyware, although they are not visible in the task manager. This spyware usually slows down the computer performance because it functions as the user does other computer activities, in short, the computer is multitasking and switching from one task into another. Unnecessary files may also be executed and needless programs may also be available. This takes up space in the computer system.

Easy SpyLocked Removal
SmitFraudFix is said to be a reliable removal for computer viruses and malicious software. Install this security system then run a full system scan, delete the files that are unnecessary, repair the needed files, if it is impossible to delete move the file to the vault. Restart the computer when the system scan is done. Avast! may also be used for removal or virus and malware, keep the anti-virus up to date to be protected. Practice a time to time system scan.

How to Remove SpyLocked
To complete remove the SpyLocked, delete these subsequent files:
• SpywareLocked 3.5.exe
• Spy-Locked.exe
• spylocked.exe
• SpywareLock.exe
• SpywareLocked.exe
• spylocked.exe
• xkrdk.dll
• onwtj.dll
• fyxkaah.dll
• higehsg.dll
• geplxss.dll
• tvomnc.dll
• tahxqcj.dll
• qvjpt.dll
• oyopu.dll
• yronl.dll
• HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\..\ 3DF1CEE - 70B3 - 4E2D - A740 - 4AC468786207
• HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ software\ Microsoft\..\ 6AFB5B8E – ACFD – 4489 - 91B3 - DAA1388A31EC
• HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ software\ classes\..\ E9817993 - 83FF – 4343 - B14E - 6CDFB378B21D


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