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Old 05-19-2009, 04:19 AM
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Default help me please somebody

ok this is the deal, someone gave me a labtop ok? and it don't have a Cd-rom on it and also the enter key the letter's key don't work and it brings a message up that statedMwave Virtual device driver
a hardware problem has occurred verifty that your Mwave system is installed and that the Mwave DSPis enabled.
what i did was: i downloaded win98 startup disk and when it get to start with cd rom support i can't move the choice down to pick run without CD support because their is no cd rom on this thing it is a iBM thinkpad 755ce, and type which is on the back of the labtop is 9545.
#1 can i take this hard drive out and try to hook it up to my computer format it and then install a new program on it help i can find the reason why only some of the key are working too is it because it is missing drivers ? will windows 98 have them to make it work right>

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Old 05-27-2009, 11:01 AM
ioswitch ioswitch is offline
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Keyboard Keyboard Problem & OS install

Hey Scooby, your KB problem just sounds like a possible dirt issue.

I've had a similar problems, having to tap on a faulty keys until it worked.
If you continue to work the defective key, i.e., your "Enter" key, does it sometimes work?

A lot of times this failure occurs when the keyboard has been laying around unprotected for a long period. However, in your case, (a laptop,) it is possible (OK, once upon a time) something may have been spilled on it.
In this case, cleaning the KB contacts may correct the problem.

Not being familiar with your notebook, I can't tell you how to clean under this particular KB but it can be done. Also, if your KB pushes membrane switches instead of mechanical ones, I doubt a cleaning will help at all. In this case find a refurbished KB on line.

By the way, which keys are malfunctioning?
And, do you have a docking station for the lap top?

WIN 98 Install.
This forum has a solution for you regarding installing the OS w/o a CD, that's how I found this forum myself.

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