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Default help me please somebody

ok this is the deal, someone gave me a labtop ok? and it don't have a Cd-rom on it and also the enter key the letter's key don't work and it brings a message up that statedMwave Virtual device driver
a hardware problem has occurred verifty that your Mwave system is installed and that the Mwave DSPis enabled.
what i did was: i downloaded win98 startup disk and when it get to start with cd rom support i can't move the choice down to pick run without CD support because their is no cd rom on this thing it is a iBM thinkpad 755ce, and type which is on the back of the labtop is 9545.
#1 can i take this hard drive out and try to hook it up to my computer format it and then install a new program on it help i can find the reason why only some of the key are working too is it because it is missing drivers ? will windows 98 have them to make it work right>

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