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About Malware Bell and Removal Instructions

About Malware Bell and Removal Instructions

Published by DanielGray

Bug About Malware Bell and Removal Instructions

This particular application refers to fake anti-spyware software developed by The Malware Bell presents itself as a threat removal tool, but generally causes trouble to the affected system. The application is also known as MalwareBell 3.2.

Malware Bell Penetrating Methods

Malware Bell usually installs its files unnoticed via Vundo Tojan or Zlob Trojan. It could also be installed via spam emails. When executed it will generate files into the target system using the following files:
• malware bellsetup.exe, malwarebell.exe, malware bell 3.2.exe, poply.dll, tonsadnre.dll, podnru.dll, kol.dll, tonsakru.dll, wsorad.dll, tokru.dll, zsol.dll, tsokre.dll and cfgbkenud.dll
These files are used to initiate the Malware Bell’s intention. It will also generate registry entries during the process of stealth installation to make sure that the program will be executed every time the computer starts.

How to Avoid Malware Bell Infection

It is recommended that the user must download a legitimate antivirus to avoid various threats. The user must regularly update the system security and to regularly scan the system. It is also advisable to clean the system using the System Tools such as, Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmentation.

Malware Bell Infection Symptoms

The computer might be contaminated with Malware Bell if advertisements and fake alerts are exhibited routinely. The false positive result that Malware Bell displays, act as a scare tactics which could lead to the purchase or download of the entire program.

Malware Bell Effects

When the computer is contaminated with Malware Bell, it could destroy files and end up losing saved data. This program will eat up system resources resulting to a slow system performance. This particular application will also stop the processes of the installed antivirus program and turn off firewall. This might cause for additional malware infection into the system.

Easy Malware Bell Removal

Use SmitfraudFix, Norton Antivirus, or SpyHunter to remove the Malware Bell. Install any of these applications and scan the entire system. All detected files should be deleted from the computer. Restart the sustem.

How to Remove Malware Bell

To manually remove this threat, delete the following files and registry entries:
• MalwareBell.exe
• poply.dll
• MalwareBell.url
• Malware BellSetup.exe
• tonsakru.dll
• podnru.dll
• Malware Bell 3.2.exe
• tonsadnre.dll
• tsokre.dll
• tokru.dll
• kol.dll
• wsorad.dll
• zsol.dll
• tsokru.dll
• %ProgramFiles%\ MalwareBell\ mb.db1
• %ProgramFiles%\ MalwareBell\ mb.db2
• %ProgramFiles%\ MalwareBell\ mb.db5
• %ProgramFiles%\ MalwareBell\ mbuninst.exe
• %ProgramFiles%\ MalwareBell\ mb.db3
• %ProgramFiles%\ MalwareBell\ mb.db4
• HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Malware Bell
• HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Run\ Malware Bell = C:\ Program Files\ Malware Bell\ Malware Bell 3.2.exe
• HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ software\ adsl software limited\ MalwareBell
• HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ software\ adsl software limited\ MalwareBell\ config


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