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When PDF Watermark Creator Proves Helpful For Users?

Published by damonwatermark

Default When PDF Watermark Creator Proves Helpful For Users?

How to insert PDF Watermark Manually? – Legal professionals like forensic experts, lawyers, etc mostly get the need of making their electronic documents confidential because they have to pass through many legal activities in their profession, they always have fear of happening of any unpleasant activity with their proofs, they also fear of unauthorized access of their documents and many more. It’s not that only these legal professionals get the need of making their PDF documents confidential with watermarking, many other professionals also get such need. We can take examples of educational institutes, corporate offices, schools etc. They also get the need of making their electronic documents like PDF confidential with stamp PDF files, watermarking or anything else. The need of making PDF files confidential with watermarking is popular but, the point comes at executing it properly. There are many ways of doing watermarking on PDF files i.e. for making them confidential, either you can do it manually with Adobe Acrobat Pro or you can also use some other third party tool to do that.

Manual Method:

* Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro on which watermarking needs to be done.
* Go to tools and select background option in edit page Design.
* Choose to add background on all PDF pages or selected PDF pages according to your need.
* Choose type of watermarking and proceed.

Limitations of Manual Method to Add Watermark in PDF Files:

There are many limitations of manual method to create watermark in PDF files, you can read about some of them below:

* Manual method of watermarking is tiring and complex.
* Process of doing watermark on PDF files is much simpler with third party PDF Watermark Creator tool.
* Watermarking on one folder of PDF files can be done in one go with third party tool, which is not possible in manual method with Adobe Acrobat Pro.
* In manual method of watermarking with Adobe Acrobat, the complications are more i.e. in case you did wrong watermarking before and you don’t want that now then, you have to go through many steps to remove it manually, while third party tools create separate PDF files after watermarking, the first PDF files remain as it is.

Benefits of Using PDF Watermark Creator Software in place of Manual Method to Add Watermark in PDF Files- If you choose PDF Watermark Creator Software then, you can get rid of limitations of manual method, the software provides the option to add both text as well as image watermarking on PDF files. The software is very easy to use and watermarking on one folder of PDF files can also be done in with it.


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