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‘Unexpected SCSI Command Failure’ Hard Drive Error and Recovery

Published by jacobluis

Accept ‘Unexpected SCSI Command Failure’ Hard Drive Error and Recovery

SCSI stands for Small Computer Systems Interface. It can be referred as the set of standards that are required to connect and transfer data among computer systems and other SCSI peripherals including hard disks, scanners and CD-ROM drives. The standards describe various rules, commands and interfaces. There are many manufacturers who offer SCSI hard drives. But due to logical or physical damage, these hard drives may fail that requires Hard Disk Recovery. Users may encounter certain errors while working with such hard drives as:
“Unexpected SCSI Command Failure”
The error is more specific with SCSI disk utilities. Such utilities cause errors like the one given above, if they face issues related to hard disk health. However other than hard drive failure; there can be more reasons responsible for this situation. The error message defines some parameters like SCSI Target ID, Host Adapter Status, Sense Key etc. Sense Key defines a number along with the error description that itself gives an idea about cause and key to recover. If the number is 03h or 04h with statement as ‘Medium Error’ or ‘Hardware Error’, then it shows defect in physical media that needs Data Recovery service as remedy, though a user can simply replace the drive if data is not important. *
Sense Key description:
02h-Not ready: We need to ensure if media is properly inserted and spun up.
03h - Medium Error: It indicates disk media physical defect and the disk needs to be replaced. For damaged hard disk, Hard Disk Recovery is required first.
04h- Hardware Error: It arises due to disk drive malfunction.
05h - Illegal Request: It occurs specifically while attempting to format the drive when utility doesn’t support device’s low level format.
06h - Unit Attention: It is observed with write protected media.
In case of hard drive failure, data requires to be recovered. Data Recovery industry offers a solution called recovery service in which failed hard drive is analyzed for cause of crash and treated to extract lost data. The procedures are carried out in sterilized Clean Rooms. The experienced recovery professionals follow suitable and safe processes that recover optimum amount of lost data.
Stellar Information Systems Limited offers number one Data Recovery service with the best combination of software and hardware tools by Stellar experts in Class 100 Clean Rooms. The recovery services cover hard drives of almost all models and interfaces including SCSI, SATA, EIDE/ATA-2 and ATA as well as modern SSDs (Solid State Drives: generally SATA).


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