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Turn Your TV Into a Huge PC Monitor

Turn Your TV Into a Huge PC Monitor

Published by J.Jettison

Monitor Turn Your TV Into a Huge PC Monitor

Turning the Big Screen (or any TV) into your PC monitor is a great idea for many reason's. It can make playing game's easier and funner. It's like seeing "World of Warcraft" for the first time. You can also sit back and be alot more comfortable. Watching your PC on a TV screen is alway's better for movies, for obvious reason's. Some people enjoy the set-up when working. Either building website's or creating power point presentation's or whatever the project is.

There a few other reason's that converting a TV into a PC monitor is catching on. For one, many like using the surround sound or even the stock TV speaker's when watching movies or listening to music download's. Or you can switch over to a show or football game while working on whatever project your stuck doing. Not to mention, you dont have to worry about getting food or drink's all over the keyboard or mouse.

When your used to staring at the standard size PC monitor , it can be quite exciting to read your email on a 36 inch Television screen.

It truly is fantastic to flip your TV into a PC monitor. It's even better when you try it on your Big Screen. If you have seen it before , than you already know. If you haven't , then you might want to learn how now. It's not too hard , but writing this down might be a good idea.

Basic Conversion Instructions

First thing's first, you are going to need a "VideoCard". A video card is simply hardware that is used to generate and output images to a display. Some main function's of the video card are video capture, TV tuner adapter, Mpeg decoding, connecting multiple monitors and connecting joystick's. You can usually purchase one for around $30.00. That will get you a 256 MB card that is more than enough for most function's.

Assuming that your PC has an "S-Video" port ,you will need to plug an "S-Video" cord into the "S-Video Out". Then connect it to your television set in the "S-Video In" port. For sound you will need an RCA cord. Hook the RCA "Red and Black" into to the corresponding port's on your TV. Make sure you hook up the opposite end of the RCA into your PC or laptop. If you dont have one , your PC speaker's will work for this.

Now we are ready to adapt the PC setting's and Video Card setting's.
  1. Right Click anywhere on the desktop screen
  2. Click "Properties"
  3. Click "Settings"
  4. Then Click "Advanced"
Now. in your "Graphic Card" setting's you will High light the "Display Settings" tab. Once there choose the "Single" display option. The dual will leave your PC screen blank or all you will see is the screen saver.

Next select the "Clone" option for the TV. That will send the PC signal through the "S-Video" cable to the TV screen. Now press your "TV-Video" button on your TV remote. What you are searching for is the "Video" option that will display your PC's screen. Once you have the Money Shot , (Well , you know what I mean) that mean's your TV is set-up correctly. That also mean's it is time to click the "Apply" tab in your "Video Card" setting's.

That's it, click "Yes" to confirm and you are done. It's time to have some fun with your PC to TV connection. Once you can perform this operation like the "back of your hand" , it's one of the coolest function's available.

J.Jettison provides info on the newest software available. Learn how to transform your PC into your own entertainment system. @ Best-PC-TV.Com

By lurkswithin on 02-03-2009, 01:29 AM

I would only recommend doing this if your TV is high definition....using this option on a regular TV is ok but don't expect anything even close to what you see on your monitor because regular TV's use a much lower resolution and the picture will become fuzzy.
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