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Tinkering with the Device Manager

Tinkering with the Device Manager

Published by paula_cute

Default Tinkering with the Device Manager

If you are just a newbie in computers, you would probably find some stuff hard to comprehend especially if you have a hard time understanding computers.

Here is a tutorial on one of those things that you probably see in the computer, the device manager. This is the one responsible for keeping the data about all hardware in your computer. It gives information on the configuration of the hardware as well as its relations with other programs in the computer. The Device Manager can also be used to customize other parts of the computer as well as being responsible for updates, modifications and troubleshooting. In layman’s terms, the Device Manager is the hardware handyman of the computer.

How do you access the Device Manager? There are two ways. Right click My Computer on your desktop, select Properties, then Hardware tab, then select Device Manager. Or, right click My Computer, select Manage, then double click Device Manager. Then a window will appear listing all of your computer’s hardware and devices.

If you would like to see the condition of a specific device, double click its icon. Its components will appear under it. Right click on a specific component and select Properties. The Device Status box in the General tab will say if this device is working properly if it is functioning as it should be. If not, then Device Status will say so and you can begin to troubleshoot the problem. You can also use the Troubleshoot helper to assist you in fixing that certain problem. If you should decide to call for technical support, since this might be a problem that you cannot fix by yourself, take note of the problem code number. This number points to a specific problem in the computer and the technical support team can assist you efficiently with this problem and help you fix it in no time at all, without the hassle of racking your brains for a solution for it.

If you decide to enable a device through the Device Manager, you just have to double click on the device, right click and select Enable. To disable the device, go through the same procedure but choose Disable instead. That’s it.

How about if you want to uninstall a device or program? Again, double click on the device, right click and select Uninstall. A window will pop up and you just have to click on OK. To be able to remove that certain item for good, you have just have to restart your computer. Then that item is gone forever.

These are the basic stuff that the Device Manager can do for you. You can also update your driver with the Device Manager. For other stuff that you can perform with the Device Manager, like device driver update and customization, you can access the Help file from the main window of Device Manager. It will also give you a step by step procedure on how to do it. Need more help? Contact technical support. They can also be very useful in helping you understand your computer better.


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