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Things to like about Windows Vista

Things to like about Windows Vista

Published by lady_doc77

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A lot of people are now already switching from their old Windows XP to the Vista version of Windows ever since it was launched just several months ago. According to the manufacturers and new users of this product, it is a better experience than the Windows XP version. And what are those features and conveniences that are exclusively found in Windows Vista? First of all, the networks are very easy to connect within a given area. You are able to connect with the computers of other users as long as their network connections are enabled. When networks have easier connections, without the hassle of wires and cables, it lessens the load of the user to find other users around. Windows Vista also recalls new network settings, without compromising the security of the connection, making the experience of using Vista hassle free and no challenge at all to understand. It is also considered more secure, with several new security features it has installed. It also has a three dimensional interface that is not only very user friendly but fun to use as well. Searching and looking for documents downloaded or saved is not a hard and time consuming task to perform anymore.

This three dimensional interface, including the one named Aero allows thumbnails of running systems on the taskbar to show up when the mouse is moved over it. This is an excellent way of getting a full preview of the user’s open files, without opening the whole document. This is a great way to save time and not to mention the effort of clicking on every file open. It is great for multitasking since it uses less time in checking files because of the thumbnails. A sidebar is also a part of this interface that works wonders in your experience as a computer user. The popularity of this element is fast growing especially within the new computer users since it is very user friendly, with references easily accessed like the date and weather and for laptops, the battery life.

Windows Vista also allows users to be able to open and shut down their computer in lesser time as compared to the XP version. Although it doesn’t really mean much, but to the working person who is always time pressured in their work, a few seconds saved is like several minutes to them.

Windows Vista also includes a speech recognition feature that allows for dictation and other commands using a microphone. It recognizes the words said and puts in down as words in the document. This feature makes sight challenged individuals use the computer with ease. Aside from that, for times when writing is deemed improbable, like when riding a vehicle, speech recognition will come in very handy especially without a secretary to help you do your dictation.

Windows Vista is considered to be much more superior to Windows XP, based on the comments and reviews from users. I have no understanding of the different technicalities involved between these two versions but one thing is certain. If it makes computer usage easy, then I like it.


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