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Surf the Internet Anonymously and Protect Your Privacy

By DominicD
Are you in a place where internet access is restrictive, and access to certain websites are filtered? Do you wish to keep your ip address and location hidden and confidential to the websites that you visit? Bypass restrictive internet filters and protect your privacy with UltraSurf

UltraSurf is a free “proxy tool” that uses Internet Explorer (and other browsers) to browse the internet while keeping your ip address and location identity unknown. UltraSurf also bypasses popular web filtering sytems like Untangle, WebSense, and SonicWall.

Whenever you browse a website, your ip address is revealed to that website’s server. Servers can keep track of your ip address each time you surf the net. With your ip address known, your country of location can be tracked. If you are just browsing the internet for information and do not want to divulge your ip address, you can use UltraSurf to mask your identity.

UltraSurf temporarily configures your browser to use a proxy server. A proxy server allows you to use its own ip address as your own identity. When UltraSurf is turned on, the website that your are visiting sees the ip address of the proxy server, and not your real ip address. With this, you can browse websites while keeping your identity anonymous.

When UltraSurf is turned on, a golden lock image is shown on your desktop. This reminds you that you are connected to UltraSurf proxy servers.

UltraSurf bypasses the popular web filtering software like Untangle, WebSense, and Sonicwall. When UltraSurf is turned on, any website address that you browse is first sent a proxy server. This proxy server fetches the contents of the website and sends it back to your browser. Since most web filtering software are configured only to block specific domain addresses and not proxy servers, you are able to bypass the restrictions. Your web browsing data is always sent to the proxy server first, the proxy server fetches the website, the proxy server sends the website to your computer. The web filtering programs only see that you send and receive data from the proxy server. Unknown to them, those data are actually the restricted web pages.

Download UltraSurf from UltraSurf
No installation is required. You can even run UltraSurf from a usb flash drive.

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