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Steganography with QuickStego - hide secret text inside images

By DominicD
Do you want to send hidden and secret messages within ordinary pictures? Send a seemingly innocent picture of ice cream to a trusted colleague that actually contains the password to your computer or email! Be like a secret agent, avoid prying eyes from reading confidential text, use steganography with QuickStego software.

Steganography is the science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the sender and intended recipient even realizes there is a hidden message. Steganography is a brother to Cryptography. Steganography aims to hide the message under a publicly viewable disguise, whereas Cryptography directly modifies the secret message so that it is not understood by the public. An encrypted file directly shows signs that it has a hidden message within it. A file modified with steganography is very much unsuspecting and discrete.

Send hidden and secret messages for added security (or simply for fun) with QuickStego.

Open the QuickStego software. Select an image that you wish to add hidden text to.

Click the Open Image button

Input your message on the text field, or you can choose to upload the contents of a text file.

After typing your message, click the Hide Text button. Click the Save Image button

The output file will end with a .BMP bitmap extension. This new image file contains both the picture and the secret message. You can then email this picture to your trusted colleagues and friends. They need to load this image on QuickStego to reveal the secret message.


A quick comparison between the original picture and the output image of QuickStego

The source and output files are considerably different. The source image is a .JPG JPEG file. The output image with the secret message is a .BMP Bitmap file.

The source file which is a JPEG file is considerably smaller in file size - as this is the nature of compressed images using the JPEG type.

The output file which is a BMP file is much larger. While this may seem as a disadvantage, this actually helps even more with the disguise of your secret message. BMP pictures are uncompressed, thus understandably the larger file size. The larger file size makes room for hiding the secret message in the picture.

The output BMP file works as it should. It opens and display the same image as the JPEG version. Seen above is the BMP file opening in MS Paint, and also being previewed in Windows 7. There is no indication that the BMP file may actually be hiding a secret message.

Download QuickStego from


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