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Old 12-06-2007, 10:32 AM
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Default Overclocking AMD x2 64 3800+ (Very good chip to OC)

I've had this CPU for a long time and I love it.

There are many different OCs for this chip. I Used Stock cooling a while back and the higher OCs are on my water cooled rig. Going beyond 2.4ghz you will need a better Air cooling fan or water cooling.

Rig 1:
AMD x2 64 +3800 (stock 2.08ghz)
2gb DDR400 PC3200
Asus A8N SLI Premium
200GB Seagate HD

Rig2: (the only difference is the ram)
AMD x2 64 +3800 (stock 2.08ghz)
2gb DDR500 PC4000
Asus A8N SLI Premium
200GB Seagate HD

For the first rig I was able to get a few stable OCs.
Original: 200fsb 10x
OC1: 240fsb 10x Vcore 1.45v HTTx4 (Stock Air Cooling)

OC2: 270fsb 10x Vcore 1.5v HTTx3 (Water Cooled)
set ram divider to (5:6)
(has some issues with vista)
At higher clock you need to start playing with ram voltage.
Mine was set at 2.7v
Now remember that ram is set to 5:6 ratio that means your ram fsb will be lower then what you cpu is running at.

OC3: 275fsb 10x Vcore 1.5v HTTx3 (Water Cooled)
set ram divider to (5:6)
(crashed in vista worked fine in xp)
Ram @ 2.7v if anything raise it to 2.8v and see if its more stable.

With DDR400 i was able to get it to go 225mhz @270fsb I was very surprised.

2nd Rig everything is pretty much the same but for the ram.
with DDR500 it was the easiest OC ever.
Just set the ram to 500 and thats it. It will automatically set you fsb to 250 and OC the cpu. I got a 5.0 rating on the cpu and 5.6 on ram in vista. Previously the score s were 4.6 cpu and 5.0 ram.
or you can set it the hard way.
250fsb x10 HTTx4 vCore Auto.

Now at higher clocks with DDR500 had some not very great results. at 270fsb ram was at 184. and at 275fsb ram was at 186. I tried to make it run 1:1 but no luck. I tried setting my ram at 550 and let it auto it but it would just crash on windows start up screen.

Now I know that this chip can be pushed to 2.9ghz and i'm already trying to find a stable clock on it. My fist attempt was a bit weird. I set the fsb to 290 x10 HTTx3 vCore 1.5v ram 2.8v and did a reboot. Well it did reboot but it wasn't running at 2.9ghz. Even though in BIOS it said 2900mhz it was running around 2.2ghz. I need to do some more tweaking with it.

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