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CD/DVD Hard Drives and Memory

Support and discuss ram, hard drives, usb drives, cd/dvd burners and drives

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Old 12-19-2005, 12:32 PM
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Default Memory Buyer's Guide

This thread is here to help you pick out RAM. Specifically, RAM that should overclock really well. Nobody here guarantees the validity or accuracy of the information contained in this thread. Prices and availability are always changing, but we will do our best to keep it updated and current. And remember, even if everyone else is hitting insane speeds with some chip, doesn't mean you will. Even the best chips can turn out to be lousy overclockers.

If you see any errors or have any suggestions for this thread please send me a PM with all infos. Do your research first and make sure your information has been and can be confirmed!

Winbond BH-5: Some of the most overclockable modules out there now, and also under huge demand. It is getting exceedingly difficult to find them, and only a few manufacturer's still guarantee BH-5. Plays well with AMD and Intel.

Winbond BH-6: Have been found to perform similar to BH-5, but they will probably need more voltage than BH-5's to hit the same speed. Plays well with AMD and Intel.

Winbond CH-5 : Similar manufacturing process to the BH-5 with an updated IC. Theoretically hits higher speeds at the sacrifice of higher timings. May perform well on AMD, but Intel users beware.

Samsung 4.0 ns : These are new chips that have only been used in Corsair XMS. They are rated at 500mhz w/ relaxed timings. You can bring the speed down and tighten the timing.

The List
Here are links to available modules and their details. The type of chips used in each module are listed below the module name. "Confirmed" next to the module name means that the manufacturer has confirmed that the modules will ship with ONLY the chips listed. If it doesn't say "Confirmed", the information is based on user experience ONLY, and cannot be guaranteed!

Mushkin PC-3500 Black Level II Dual Pack [confirmed]
Chips: BH-5
Availability: Unknown, you see it, buy it.

Mushkin PC-3200 222 Special [confirmed]
Chips: BH-6
Availability: 1x512MB @ Monarch, 1x256MB @ Monarch, 1x512MB @ eXcaliber, 1x256MB @ Newegg

OCZ PC-3200 EL Platinum Limited-Edition: [confirmed]
Chips: BH-6
Availability: 2x256MB @ Axiontech

Kingston HyperX PC-3000 (KHX3000):[confirmed]

Chips: BH-5
Availability: 1x256MB @ ZipZoomFly, 1x512MB @ ZipZoomFLy

Kingston HyperX PC-3200 (KHX3200):[confirmed]
Chips: BH-5
Availability: Unkown

Corsair XMS-XL:[confirmed]
Chips: Samsung 4.0 ns
2x512@ ZipZoomFly
1x512@ ZipZoomFly

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Old 12-20-2005, 12:49 PM
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Thanks for the information. I have been building PCs for a long time, but I will straight up admit that my weakest suit is picking out memory. In the olden days memory was pretty much memory. I will be the first to admit that I have not really payed attention to timings or anything else when buying memory. I just get what looks like a good deal and stick it in. It has worked for me so far. I will admit, though, I am not really an over-clock fiend, nor do I usually end up trying to eek out that last % performance increase out of my machine.

With that criteria known, do you think it is okay that I do not worry too much about the details and specifics of my memory? As long as it is a good match for the bus speed and paired up should I be okay? Or are there some other key factors to look for, even if performance is not your primary goal?

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