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How to Recover your Bookmarks

How to Recover your Bookmarks

Published by pretty.elladon

Default How to Recover your Bookmarks

Have you ever tried going back to a favorite website only to find out you cannot remember its web address and the bookmark has been deleted? Bookmarks are an important part of anyone’s internet life and losing them is really frustrating. Especially when you are researching for a certain topic and you have gathered all data but forgot to save your source. Having bookmarks can help you a great deal remember where you got those data from. If ever this happens to you, and you are using Mozilla Firefox, here are the steps on how to retrieve all those favorite websites.

Since Mozilla Firefox has a backup for bookmarks on file for a long period of time, they keep it in a hidden folder, making access to it a bit harder but nevertheless possible. Click on Start, then the Control Panel, and then Folder Options. On this pop up window, select the tab for View and then Show hidden files and folders. Click Ok when finished.

After this, go to your Firefox browser and select Bookmarks, then to Manage Bookmarks. Select File, then Import and select the option From File beneath the heading of Import Bookmarks From. Then place the location of the files containing the backup, usually found under Profiles in Mozilla Firefox in Program Files found in drive C.

Upon opening the Profiles folder under Mozilla Firefox, look for a folder with a sort of out-of-this-world name. This is your profile in Firefox. Look for the backups in the Bookmarkbackups folder. If the bookmarks that you are looking for are not present in that folder, Mozilla firefox may have already gotten rid of it since the deadline has already passed. When this happens, you can get a recovery tool to get them back or look for it using the search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc.

If you find something inside the folder, try to locate the file name Bookmarks.html in the list. The lost bookmarks should be there hopefully, if it has not been deleted yet. It will depend on the length of time lapsed since you used that website. If it exceeded the time period allotted for storage of deleted materials, then you have to manually search for it again.

So now, you have finally learned your lesson and will now save your bookmarks and favorites so as to not go to the trouble again of recovering it manually. To be able to do this, you have to go to the Mozilla Firefox browser again, and select Bookmarks, then manage bookmarks. On the pop-up window, select File, and then Export. You can then select the location on where to put your saved bookmarks for future reference in the file Bookmarks.html. This is in case you forget and lose your favorites again. It will be more simple to recover it since you will just have to Import it. This will send the bookmarks back into the Firefox browser and you can use them again, making internet browsing a wonderful experience for you again.


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