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How to block pop-ups from the internet

By eloisa_g
Don’t you just hate it when all of a sudden an ad blocks your screen? These are called pop-ups which slow down our surfing experience and interfere in the things that we do. Although sometimes the pop-ups appear behind the browser while your working. Pop-ups are widely used by advertises on the web to generate traffic from a site yes they have to profit but as a computer user for sure you have been annoyed one way or another. They can appear on top of you browser or at the back while your surfing.

So be in the know and I will provide some basics to block those pop-ups from the internet.

First start with your internet browser and most probably you will end up with Opera, Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox. According to an online computer magazine, Opera was the first to have a blocker for pop-up but since only a few uses Opera, Mozilla FireFox gets good feedback in blocking pop-ups. Firefox can block pop-ups by adding extension to its browser. You can find this under Tools then Extensions and just add the required extension that you need.

Internet Explorer however disappoints me because among the three it is the most least to block pop-ups. Although for Windows Service Pack 2 a pop-up blocker was now integrated. But if you don’t have service pack 2 and would still want to use internet explorer I suggest your go to Crazy Browser and download a skin for internet explorer. By doing such extension similar of Firefox are now added to the browser.

So among the three it is best to use Opera and Firefox however sometimes it blocks certain pop-ups that you need. They block streaming videos so to be able to do so you have to create a list of site that you only allow to have pop-ups. After you have chosen an internet browser you should also be mindful that Google and Yahoo offers browser tool bars that block pop-ups as well.

Of course a more sure way of blocking pop-ups is through by downloading software. Unfortunately some most of them are not for free so you have to shell out some money for this. Some websites to visit are STOPzilla (, and Secure I.E ( to name a few.

You can also inquire through your local Internet Service Provider because upon installation sometimes they include pop-up blocker. They work quite effectively however; once you change your provider expect the pop-up blocker to go with it.

In reality we really can’t avoid Pop-Ups since this is their way of advertising. The most we can do is lessen the pop-up occurrence that we may encounter on the net.

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