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How to Set Program Access and Defaults in XP

How to Set Program Access and Defaults in XP

Published by deepeedeegee

Default How to Set Program Access and Defaults in XP

Windows XP has several features that are unique to it and the ability to Set Program Access and Defaults, found in the window for Add/Remove Programs is one of them. This feature is used to change default programs that you utilize for the specific activities that you perform on the computer. Sounds complicated? These activities are just the basic Internet surfing, playing music, messaging friends and exchanging emails.

First of all, this feature can only be found in Windows XP and you need to have Service Pack 1 or higher. If you're using anything lower than that, this will not work for you. Again, what we're talking about is called "Set Program Access and Defaults." You can use this feature to change the default programs you use for certain activities you do while on your computer. For example, such activities as simply surfing the Web, sending e-mails, playing CDs or using instant messaging programs.

To use this feature, you must have Administrator rights. The Administrator is the person who has unrestricted access on everything on the computer, being able to create, delete, and modify files and folders. This account is usually hidden. To be able to get these rights, you have to boot the computer into safe mode by pushing the F8 button when Windows restarts and selecting the option of starting the computer in Safe Mode. Upon doing this, the Administrator account will appear and from this you can assign the administrator rights on your account by right clicking on the icon for My Computer, then select Manage. Click on the Local Users and Groups folder, then Groups, then double click Administrator. Select Add, then enter the name of the account that you want to assign administrator rights. Then click OK. Restart the computer and choose the account you selected with Administrator rights.

After having these rights, you can proceed to Set Program Access and Defaults by clicking on Start, then All Programs. Or you can also go to Start, then Control Panel, and then Add/Remove Programs. When you reach that part, you can do four things.

First, you can restore your program settings to its original ones that were made by the manufacturer of the program. To do that, just click on Computer Manufacturer option. This is possible if there is a Service Pack 1 on the computer. Check the manual or contact your manufacturer if they have included this in your computer.

Secondly, you can set program defaults to fulfill the needs of your daily computer activities. Just choose the option Microsoft Windows. You will be able to access both Microsoft and non-Microsoft programs from wherever location you choose on the computer.

Thirdly, if you opt to use non-Microsoft programs as default, choose the option Non-Microsoft. Then you can select the stuff that you want to do. Just remember that this configuration may remove available access to other windows programs.

Lastly, you can choose the option Custom to be able to have a combination of Microsoft and non-Microsoft programs that you can access easily. After clicking on your choice, select Ok and then you are all set.


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