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How to RMA Defective Seagate Hard Drives with Valid Warranty

By DominicD
Seagate is a popular brand and manufacturer of internal and portable hard drives. Seagate is undoubted for the durability of its hard drives – I for one still have a good and functional 2GB drive from my Windows 98 computer!

However, on some rare circumstances, Seagate hard drives can fail. Of course a wise backup solution will help you recover data. But users beware before throwing away that hard drive! Seagate hard drives usually have a long warranty period of 3 to 5 years! The steps below will help you check for a Seagate drive’s health, check for existing warranty, and claim an RMA request for free repair/replacement.

Checking for a Valid Warranty

Underneath each Seagate hard drive is a sticker containing the drive’s model number and serial number

Save this information and check it against the Seagate Warranty website

The website will inform you if your drive is still under warranty. Defective drives that are still under the covered warranty period are entitled to free repair/replacement. Procced to the instructions below for proper diagnostics and RMA instructions.

Seatools Diagnostic

Seatools Diagnostic is the official diagnostic program created by Seagate for both internal drives, or external portable drives.
Seatools Diagnostic comes into version – DOS and Windows.
1. The DOS version is best run for checking internal hard drives.
2. The Windows version can be used for checking both internal and external portable hard drives.

Download a copy of the Seagate Diagnostic tools from the website:
**You may not immediately need this tool, but it pays to save a copy now.

Checking for Drive Errors/ Bad Sectors

The initial screen immediately detects all Seagate devices, and also allows you to set your Language preferences.

Put a check mark on the drives that you want to check . Click on the Basic Tests button. Allow the tests to complete. If Seatools suspects a drive for possible problems, it will alert you that an advanced test is required. Allow the advanced tests to complete and wait for the diagnosis.

Success – No Errors or Bad Sectors

The screen above shows a sample output of a healthy hard drive.

Failed Tests – Bad Sectors Found

The screen above shows a sample report indicating an error in the drive. If this error is encountered, the Seatools Diagnostic program will ask you to run the Long Test/Advanced Test option.

Running the Long Test/Advanced Test takes more time depending on the hard drive size. This test is the most thorough way of checking for the hard drive’s physical condition.

If your hard drive fails the Long Test, you may be presented with an option where Seatools can attempt a repair of the suspected bad sector. Choose to run the repair option, and run Seatools after the report of a successful repair.

Take note of the Seatools Test Code

A failed test with Seatools will display a test code. Write down this error code. It will be used to register for RMA

Browse to and validate your drive’s warranty information. Then proceed to create an RMA request. The Seagate website provides details for the closest service center that will accept your defective drive. Depending on your country, you may need to deliver or ship the drive to the service center. Check the online RMA status.

In my personal experience, it took a fast 3 working days before my replacement hard drive was delivered. All shipment fees had been paid for by Seagate.

You have to give extra credit to Seagate for the excellent customer service and dedication. The returned/replaced hard drive is securely packed in a durable carton box and padding.

The replacement/repaired hard drive is usually of the equivalent capacity and model. A green sticker indicating that the drive has been repaired is noticeable.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. I have saved a good amount of money for sending back some defective Seagate hard drives. Most went bad due to power interruptions, and random clicking noises wile in operation.

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