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Faster and Secure Internet with OpenDNS Free

By DominicD
Do you suffer slow and intermittent browsing problems? If this happens on your browser but not on your IM and P2P downloads, then it’s a possible DNS issue. A DNS is responsible for locating website and ip addresses. Without a DNS, you will not be able to browse any website. A bad or slow DNS will definitely cause you intermittent browsing problems and timed-out pages. Fix your browsing problems with OpenDns Free web edition.

OpenDNS makes use of two DNS servers and Simply set this values to the network settings of your computer or router, and you are immediately using the fast and secure OpenDNS service. Below is a screenshot of how the OpenDNS settings are set in Windows

Upon having this settings in Windows, your computer is immediately configured to use the fast and secure dns features. This simple setup is sufficient for most home and office users.


OpenDNS advanced settings – Free web filtering for your home/office internet
Sytem/Network Administrators, IT hobbyists, School Teachers, and even Parents would be delighted to know that they can extend the use of OpenDNS to customize its level of protection. This customization will allow non-techie Parents to protect their network for safe and children-friendly websites.

1. Create an account at
Login to your OpenDNS account, verify the network settings to confirm that you own the connection.

2. You will be presented with the OpenDNS control panel

OpenDNS gives you very easy web filtering controls. You can select from the pre-defined protection levels, or customize your own setting based on the categories listed

You can also block OR allow specific websites that you approve. The settings made in here override the actions in the predefined filters.

This allows you for even better customization deep within the category block lists.

Aside from web filtering, OpenDNS gives you free protection from malware and phishing.

Take advantage of the free web filtering service that OpenDNS provides. Go beyond just powerful and secure dns. Configure your home/office network now for OpenDNS web filtering. It is free, effective and easily customizable. You can view reports on blocked-allowed webpages, and trace them to user activity.

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