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Donate, Recycle, Trade-in Old Computers and Gadgets

By DominicD
The next time you check the attic for Spring Cleaning of old appliances and broken gadgets, be aware that you have a lot of options for donating, recycling, and trade-in programs. This article will cover topics on how to properly donate old and usable computers/gadgets, how and where to recycle old/broken devices, and save money with trade-in programs! Skip selling these items to the Garage Sale, and be more Eco-friendly and save more cash through trade-in discounts.

How to Properly Donate Old Computers

Instead of just packing the old computer set and leaving them out on your doorstep, take note of these reminders and tips for properly donating old and still usable computers and gadgets.
  1. If your computer is still usable and is less than five years old, it can still be refurbished for better reuse of charity organizations or school training centers.
  2. If possible, keep the licensed operating system and software installed. If you have decided to donate your computer, it would be best to give it completely functional with the same operating system and programs that you have previously used and licensed. You should now be using a newer operating system and more updated software apps, no need to cling on to the old software licenses. Include the CD installers, license booklets, and serial number stickers.
  3. Donate the accessories such as keyboard, mouse, speakers, webcam etc. Your new computer probably has all these accessories and more. Add the accessories to extend the usable value of your donation.
  4. Clear your personal files and history before donating the old computer. Use secure disk wiping software like “Eraser” (How to Securely Delete Files with "Eraser" -

    Remember to delete your personal files and other identifiable information on the old hard drive. Use secure disk wiping tools like “Eraser” to completely delete any recoverable traces of your old files and documents. This is a very important step that you should take before donating the old computer. Failing to clear your old information on the computer can put you at risk to Identity Theft!

Where, How, and Why to Recycle Old Computers

Your local garbage collectors would be able to take old computers and gadgets to the nearby recycling plants. However, you can take note of some additional tips and options for better recycling and ensuring that your old gadgets do not become “e-waste”.

Computers and laptops that have been refurbished are in great demand and are cheaper alternatives for people who need or want a computer but perhaps do not have the money to spend on a new one.

E-Waste is a serious threat to the environment and human health. Old computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices that are not properly recycled are sold to overseas importers. The bulk of e-waste is then brought to impoverished towns or countries, where people would attempt to burn the plastics, rubber, and circuit board to obtain only the copper/metal or whatever precious metal or wires that they can salvage and sell.


Dell accepts all kinds of electronic devices (Dell brand or not) for proper and free recycling. The Dell Reconnect Recycling Program accepts any brand of used computer equipment in any condition.

A general list of items that Dell Reconnect will accept and recycle for you:

Hard Drives - external or internal
Printers - laser & inkjet
Hard Drives
Cords & Cables - including power cords & USB cables
Ink & Toner Cartridges
Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Zune
Microsoft-branded Webcams
Cell Phones
**Consult the list of Dell outlets and recycling drop off points at the Dell website


Free online services like works with electronics and appliance stores like BestBuy for proper recycling of old devices.


Trade-In Old Computer and Gadgets for Cash and Discounts

Besides donating and recycling, you can turn your functional yet outdated devices into cash or gift card discounts!

Apple Trade-In and Recycling Programs

Head to the Apple Trade-In and Recycling Program website -- Apple - Recycling Program and see the available tradein value of your old MAC computers and other Apple devices like iPods, iTouch, and even iPhones.

A quick preview of the online trade-in is below

Check out the Apple Trade-In and Recycling Program now to see how you can make use of older devices to get gift card discounts on your next purchase of the latest Apple devices.

Amazon Trade-In
The Amazone Trade-In Program accepts a large variety of items such as books, dvds, games, and electronics. Amazon still gives more trade-in value even to older generation gadgets. Check out the Amazon Trade-In website Trade-In Store


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