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Old 05-03-2007, 02:48 PM
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trouble Deep Freeze Forgotten Password

Hi Anyone Know How I Can Get My Forgeten Password For Deep Freeze?? I Don't Want To Format My Computer Again!!! Help Please!!!

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Old 05-03-2007, 04:57 PM
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Browser Firefox

No I don't, sorry.

But stop typing with the first letter of every word a capital. It makes it hard to read and doesn't look cool, so don't do it. Infractions will follow if it continues...

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Old 05-08-2007, 03:20 AM
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Default Unlocking Deep Freeze

The Ethical Hacker Network - Unfreeze The Deep Freeze - Step by Step tutorial to bypass Deep Freeze

IMHO... "Deep Freeze" is a program for the experienced computer user only!!!!! Someone who is not afraid to get in over their head and not lose it. For me, it was unforgiving and tenacious. I would not have it on my computer again. That being said, it does a great job of doing what it is supposed to do. The problem with "it" is that "it" cannot be held responsible for the things we humans do, or the "state" of the computer's system, upon, INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK and do not complain too much if something goes may be the problem, not the program. I liked it over-all.

I test software as a hobby. "Deep Freeze" was tested about a year ago. It did not install properly for me on XP...for whatever reason. I too forgot my password I had a double dose of trouble...bad install, and no key...bummer...

I had a heck of a job working the bugs out, and then breaking into it and getting it off my drive...but it can be done. The trouble is, I can't recall how I did it...which does not help you, was via the help of another prog specifically designed by a guy to do that job...I'm trying to find it again for you...will get back to you one way or the other...

None of my following suggestions appear to come from any illegal web sites.

Here is a site to start...I'm looking for more... SecuriTeam™ - Deep Freeze Unfreezer - Bypassing Deep Freeze Authentication BE SURE TO READ THE FEEDBACK SECTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE to get the latest remedy...found at this URL... Deep Freeze Unfreezer ! And be sure to check out... Deep Freeze Unfreezer This is his startup page.

READ THE WARNING: "Warning: This program is potentially dangerous and may crash the computer or even corrupt the system and cause a permanent failure. It should be considered a last resource. Before running the program you should make back up copies of the system registry and the configuration file of Deep Freeze. The author takes no responsibility for any damage this program may produce."

I don't guarantee anything, so be prepared for the worst.

I, personally, do not recall using either of these, firstly, if it is a legal copy, I would suggest that you contact their Email Support: [email protected] and ask if they can remotely connect to your system to unlock it, thus not having to worry about you scooping their keys...or any other messiness...


Second, do a full google search of the web for any refs to ["unlock" "Deep Freeze" "unfreeze"] ... I know there is a prog out there somewhere, because I recall using it to assist me in cracking it open, LEGALLY, and then utilizing other software to kill it, and dispose of it. I am presently, trying to find the URL for you, but having little success...but have faith. Finally, if you really NEED to use it, write down the password on the next about 10 places so it won't happen again

...meanwhile get onto the e-mail or phone/fax them at ... Phone: 1-800-943-6422 or 604-637-3333 or Fax: 1-800-943-6488 or 604-637-8188

While waiting on them, read: Deep Freeze problem [Archive] - PCSTATS Forum

Reposting on 05-12-07

From my research, it appears that DeepFreeze programmers have kept their product on the move. There appears to be a myriad of versions, with each attesting to the "fact" that it is bug-less and better then the former... Why, if it is bugless, would you need to create a newer version? Anyway, what works to "un-freeze" one version, is not necessarily the same method for another version. That may be the reason why I could not find the "un-freezer" prog that I used, in conjunction with more then one file killer and more than one registry cleaner. I'll have to check all my cached CDs for old software issues. TTFN...

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Old 06-09-2007, 03:15 PM
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Default Resolution?

So, what's up, in the freezer...?

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Old 04-11-2009, 09:59 PM
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Default Personal abuse from some members, has caused me to avoid Syschat.

re: Deep Freeze

1. if legal contact distributor for key

Before doing the following, do your due diligence and research the topic well

2. if illegal come in the back door using DOS "Avira NTFS4DOS Personal enables access to NTFS drives for MS-DOS and other DOS-based operating systems under a new drive letter for applications."
3. in both cases you'd be safer just to reformat as Deep Freeze is a bugger to deal with...a bit like leprosy

4. on the off chance the guys at Deep Freeze have gotten "real" there may be someone on google; use the following as a quote "Forgotten Password For Deep Freeze" and see what pops up. There were umpteen version of the thing so you may have to do some digging for just your particular version...

I think that I put enough suggestions in my last post on the subject.

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