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CloudMagic for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook and Twitter

By DominicD
CloudMagic is the latest app to make waves on the multiple shores of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Facebook, and Twitter! CloudMagic provides realtime search results even while offline for these services. If you thought Google search, Gmail offline, and realtime search results were great, then CloudMagic is the one stop solution that combines all these features in one simple browser plugin!

Just when we thought we were satisfied with the realtime web search and previews of Google, a new free service called CloudMagic provides an even better search for of all of your social media and email.

CloudMagic is a tiny browser plugin that introduces the similar features of Gmail Offline, and Gmail realtime search and previews. CloudMagic is basically an enhanced search plugin for your emails AND social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

The installation of CloudMagic is fairly simple.

Input your Gmail email address and password. CloudMagic then connects to your Gmail account and begins to index the text of your emails, Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and address book and email Contacts.

Once installed, the CloudMagic search bar appears within Gmail

Notice that searching from it shows realtime search results. This is the same blazing fast searching as you would on Google Search. Furthermore, all of your Gmail, Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and email Contacts are searched at once! A normal Gmail user would have to repeat searching for the same keyword for Docs and Contacts. CloudMagic saves you time with a fast and integrated search feature.

Search results have immediate previews

Instead of having to open multiple windows for checking search results, CloudMagic gives immediate preview of the email or document. This reduces the opened browser tabs and windows for checking multiple emails and documents. Also, the previewed text from the search result of the CloudMagic window can be dragged-and-dropped to an active email message or document. Again, this saves you time and mouseclicks for copy and paste.

CloudMagic works even when you are offline!

The up to date information from your email and social networking account that CloudMagic has indexed remains searchable even when your computer is offline. Its like having a backup of your web based emails and social networking data right in your browser!


CloudMagic FAQ’s -

Why should I use CloudMagic?
To get super fast instant search results for your online data.

What are the advantages of using CloudMagic instead of the search provided by the individual services?
CloudMagic provides search across multiple services, viz. Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs & Contacts. You get a unified view of the search results. CloudMagic also shows search results as you type. Additionally, you can configure multiple accounts, say - your personal & official accounts to get combined result.

I don't like providing my passwords to CloudMagic.
CloudMagic stores your password & data locally on your computer -- similar to a regular desktop email client like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. It is never shared with any third party servers including ours.

Will it consume a lot of resources on my computer?
Only relevant text data is indexed so that the size of index is only a fraction of your total data. For example, we don't index attachments, images or any binary (non-text) data. Now that hard drive space has become so cheap, keeping a search index in your hard-disk is no longer a concern.

CloudMagic is coming soon for..

Download CloudMagic from

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