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10 Tips for What should you do if…

By lovelyme
1. …while fixing the port or cable of your PC, you accidentally bend a pin? Do not use pliers to straighten it out. It might force it to break and that will be a bigger problem. Just use the tip of a mechanical pencil with a large diameter. Insert the pin inside and start straightening.

2. … the Wi-Fi network is as slow as a turtle?
Check your network settings. If there is no network outage then it will most likely be interference from microwaves or the static from cordless phones. You also might be on a jam-packed channel. Just try switching the channel of your router.

3. … a key from the keyboard fell off? If the key is one of those rarely used, then you are ok for the meantime. But if it is frequently used key that is busted, like the letter e or delete button, then choose another key from your keyboard to replace it. if you don’t want to scavenge for keys, some sites offer replacement keyboards.

4. … irrelevant papers are coming out of your printer? Turn it off for one minute then turn it on again. A previous print job that was canceled may have not been erased properly from the printer’s memory. Then go to the print queue to cancel any existing print job that may affect again your printer’s memory. If it doesn’t help, then you may have to reinstall your driver.

5. …your default printer has changed? You will have to reassign it again. There are a few applications that may install printer like devices as output options and some even make them the default automatically. Go to the control panel for printers. Right click on the preferred printer and set again as default. If problems persist, reinstall your driver.

6. …the folders display only large icons? Go to Windows Explorer to change the default and the right view on any folder. Then click the View tab to apply this default setting to all folders.

7. …error messages on memory problems keep on popping up everyday? Check your computer to see if your RAM is really having problems by downloading a program that can check it thoroughly. Or better yet, have a computer technician check it for you.

8. …you have a very long start up time?
Prune the applications that run your PC as to which ones you would like to start at boot up. Click on Start, Run, then enter msconfig. Select from the list of applications those you want to run on start.

9. …the video has no sound or image? Check first your speakers if they are working right. Check the video if it is working. Also, update your codecs.

10. …the display looks very bad? Look at your display settings by making a right click on your desktop to choose settings in properties. If you can not increase your resolution and color quality, select advanced, adapter. You can also reinstall the driver for your VGA adapter.

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