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I_Hate_My_Computer 01-14-2008 01:44 AM

Microsoft download
I am trying to download from Microsoft. I wand Visual Studio 2008. I have vista with comcast internet. I get a page can not be displayed. Can you help?

Comcast said:


Joshua > I cannot download from Microsoft. Fix it!!

Blessyl > Hello Joshua_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Blessyl. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Blessyl > I would be glad to assist you with that.

Joshua_ > I have many computers and I can not download from Microsoft on any of them. I can on other networks, will you fix it?

Blessyl > I can help you with that.

Blessyl > I can help you with that.

Blessyl > Did you mean you download something form a particular website and cannot get through?

Blessyl > Can you open and surf other websites?

Joshua_ > Microsoft I cannot download from Microsoft

Joshua_ > yes

Blessyl > So you are trying to download Microsoftrware. Am I right?

Joshua_ > I want to download from microsoft

Joshua_ > like I said

Blessyl > I am sorry but I could not still get it right, Joshua. Are you trying to download Microft applications (such as word, powerpoint,excel,etc) using the cd to your PC?

Joshua_ > no

Joshua_ > are you stupid?

Joshua_ > I want to download Microsoft software from the web.

Joshua_ > Things like visual basic

Blessyl > That is what I am trying to verify, microsoft "application."

Joshua_ > yes from the web

Blessyl > What seems to be the problem when you download it? what message did you encounter?

Joshua_ > it goes to a "page cannot be displayed"

Blessyl > Alright, one moment please.

Blessyl > Joshua, can you open website?

Joshua_ > yes

Joshua_ > I can get to anything

Blessyl > I see. Can I have the website that you try to download, please?

Joshua_ >

Blessyl > Thank you. How about the website where you click on the "download?"

Joshua_ > the bottom link on

Joshua_ > or any link for that matte

Blessyl > I see. Thank you for that information, Joshua. It seems that this has something to do with microsoft. Let me check further here.

Joshua_ > no because I can get it on a different service

Blessyl > I checked your account information as well as the connection status, Joshua. Everything is working fine with your connection.

Joshua_ > ok so fix my problem

Blessyl > What type of windows do you have, Joshua?

Joshua_ > vista

Blessyl > Thank you.

Blessyl > Apparently, I could not assist you further, Joshua, on your issue concerning microsoft download. It is already manufacturer related issue. It is already on microsoft's website.

Blessyl > However I have here the contact number for microsoft's technical support. (866) 234-6020

Blessyl > You may go to this link for further information:
Help and Support

Joshua_ > but it is a comcast issue because if I use a Quest DSL connection it works

Blessyl > Did you try to refresh your PC? Like turning it OFF for a couple of minutes, unplugging the ethernet from the modem, unplugging the coax cable from the coax outlet.

Joshua_ > I have had this issue since I got comcast

Blessyl > Did you remove 3rd party splitters (if you have) and did you refresh the modem by turning it OFF?

Joshua_ > yes

Blessyl > Thank you.

Blessyl > Are you surfing the net using explorer?

Blessyl > I am referring when you do the download.

Joshua_ > firefox and explorer

Blessyl > Thank you, Josh. Can you please temporarily disable any firewalls, spyware, or pop up blockers?

Joshua_ > why

Blessyl > I am currently going through with the troubleshooting process, Joshua, to see if it is Comcast related issue.

Blessyl > After that, pease try to do the download. Let me know what is the result. Thank you.

Joshua_ > it is

Joshua_ > I told you that

Joshua_ > nope

Blessyl > What do you mean? You mean you have already temporarily disable any firewalls, spyware, or pop up blockers? And it still did not work?

Joshua_ > What do I mean? I mean the download isn't working because I have comcast and it is your issue and if you don't fix it I will chamge providers

Blessyl > What I am trying to clarify here, Joshua, is the error that you are encountering. I am working now to resolve this. I you believe that it is in Comcast, let me work on it.

Blessyl > I was trying to verify if you have already temporarily disable any firewalls, spyware, or pop up blockers.

Joshua_ > I did and it still isn't working

Blessyl > Alright. Thank you.

Blessyl > Are you there?

Joshua_ > yes

Blessyl > Did you try to clear the cache, cookies, and history, and check auto-complete, security, privacy, and Internet Explorer defaults?

Joshua_ > hurry up or I will switch services

Joshua_ > yes

Blessyl > I was trying to verify, Joshua, if you try to clear the cache, cookies, and history, and check auto-complete, security, privacy, and Internet Explorer defaults?

Joshua_ > and I said yes

Joshua_ > speed it up

Joshua_ > it seems like you want me to switch services

Blessyl > Did you also try to check on Internet Explorer repair?

Joshua_ > yes

Joshua_ > I have 3 browsers it won't work in any

Blessyl > I apWe apologize for the inconvenience, Joshua, but the last resort we can do is to contact microsoft. I do not see anything wrong with your connection here.

Blessyl > This link provides you contact information for microsoft technical support:

Blessyl > Help and Support

Joshua_ > so you do want me to switch services

Joshua_ > go to a computer class
I got mad at the end. :icon_twisted:

William_Wilson 01-14-2008 02:08 PM

What link did you try, is it from:
Visual Studio 2008 Trial Downloads

squirrelnmoose 01-14-2008 03:50 PM

I had a similar issue with comcast about 2 years ago. I could not surf to any state of Minnesota websites. I went through a similar process with comcast, they insisted it was not on there end.

About 2 weeks later I could get on the websites. Turns out it was a state of MN problem. My Mom worked for the state in a technology field and I asked her to inquire. They admitted it was a problem on there end. What was the problem, I don't know.

Maybe check with Microsoft. Maybe they can give you a different address to download from. I know a lot of there stuff is not hosted on their own servers and maybe a problem there.

benzaloy 01-17-2008 04:30 AM

That was nice reading the stuff between Joshua and Blessy.

benzaloy 02-15-2008 02:59 AM

That Joshuwa sounds exactly like my son.
I really enjoyed the exchange. And laughed outloud when he asked
'Are you stupid?'.
I showed it to my daughter and she agreed with me.
Oh, Lord, type of people out there. Anyway, am glad to know there are other cases too like my son.

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