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  1. Zoom Online Images in Chrome Itself
  2. Free OCR Software – Convert Image to Text
  3. Defensio is the Facebook Security App
  4. Free File Conversion to Any Format with Zamzar
  5. Apple iOS 4.3 Software Update
  6. Google Sync - Synchronize Emails, Contacts, and Calendar on your Phone
  7. McAfee SaaS Total Antivirus Protection – An Inside Look
  8. ThumbWin for Windows XP
  9. AutoPatcher - Download or Update Pacthes For Operating System
  10. Close All Windows - close all the application in one shot
  11. DiskAid - Convert iPhone & iPod Touch as External Storage Device
  12. iBin – Create A Recycle Bin On USB drive
  13. MeinPlatz – Easily Recover Space From Your Hard Drive
  14. Quick Restore Maker : Create System Restore Point In One Single Click
  15. TouchpadPal - Automatically Disable Touchpad on Laptop While Typing
  16. QuickSYS Informer – Know What’s On Your Computer’s Resources on Windows 7 / Vista
  17. IE Tweaker: change the settings and options for IE on Windows 7
  18. Handy Shortcuts : Create Desktop Shortcuts on Windows 7
  19. Power Folder: Backup, Share and Synchronize Files & Folders on Windows 7
  20. File Splitter – Split and Merge Files In Seconds
  21. Clean Desktop - Keep your Windows 7 Desktop Clean
  22. Chrome Crx Creator: Create your own themes for Google Chrome
  23. AppRemover - Safely Remove All Security Applications From Windows 7
  24. A-PDF Text Extractor – extract text from PDF
  25. Uncover WindowsME: Access The Settings Of Windows 7
  26. Folderscope – Manage Folders In Windows 7
  27. Toycon - Convert Images to Icons
  28. EM Free Game Capture - Capture Games To Video Clips
  29. RunAsDate - Schedule A Program To Be Launched On A Specific Date and Time
  30. Repair Corrupted AVI Video File with DivFix++
  31. T-messenger: IM Client For Twitter
  32. Alternatives for Micrcosoft PowerPoint
  33. Clean your System and Registry
  34. Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  35. How to save all the drivers before reformat
  36. Free disk partitioning tool for FAT, NTFS, HFS, EXT ...
  37. PDFCreator: create free PDF files from any Windows apps
  38. Display size of folders on a drive
  39. Override Access Denied and Sharing Violation annoying messages
  40. Find size of a directory