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Laptop Anti-Theft Software

By DominicD
A lost laptop is a huge problem that causes not only material loss, but also emotional pain of worries, guilt, and fear of one’s security. One cannot deny the possibility of losing a laptop/mobile phone due to personal mistakes, or sometimes even due to theft or robbery. While login and file passwords may deter possible thieves from gaining access to your information, recovery and protection of your personal data is always at risk. Improve your laptop’s internal and anti-theft security with Prey anti-theft software. Prey helps you track, monitor, report, and disable your computer in case it is stolen.

Prey is a free and open source anti-theft software that is generously maintained by the Prey Project (Open source anti-theft solution for Mac, PCs & Phones – Prey). Prey Anti-Theft software hides inside your computer and watches (like Chuck Norris guarding and watching your computer). In case your laptop is stolen, you simply login to the PreyProject Control Panel, and begin the hunt! The laptop thief now becomes the hunted! He literally becomes your Prey for hunting, tracking, and reporting to the police!

Prey is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux computers.

Installation is fast and easy. You can choose to have Prey report to the Control Panel, or you can set advanced options where it will send you direct email updates for tracking and hunting down the possible thief.

Once activated, Prey will track the possible thief location, take discreet webcam and desktop screenshots to possibly reveal the suspect identity, and even wipe your sensitive password information in websites and logins. You have full control of Prey’s actions from the website Control Panel.

Prey makes use of GPS Triangulation methods to signal you where it is located. Prey will send you continuous updates via email and website alerts. Prey discreetly connects to an available wireless or wired network everytime, and it keeps you updated. This crucial information will aid Police in tracking your stolen device.

Screenshots, desktop logs, and even possible webcam captures of the thieves would present very strong evidence for catching and criminal prosecution of the thief.

You can signal Prey to sound a loud alarm from the laptop and display a warning screen that the laptop is stolen. This would deter thieves and maybe even alert bystanders who can report to the police.

Even with all your files backed-up and encrypted, it always a good idea to secure an anti-theft software. Install Prey into your laptop now. It’s FREE! It’s even open source – you can check for yourself the code of its security features! Prey is maintained by an independent community of security and protection enthusiast. Active community in terms of users and developers contribute to make Prey a fierce and pro-active predator of possible computer and gadget theft.

Prey also works for Android mobile phones!

Prey adds to your last line of defense for loss or stolen tech gadgets. There is no reason why you should skip a free, secure, and effective anti-theft and security software like Prey.

**The Prey Project website also accepts paid Prey subscriptions – allowing you to further control the frequency of email alerts, reporting detail, and encrypted communication methods.

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