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How to Update Hardware Drivers on Windows

How to Update Hardware Drivers on Windows

Published by Sajid

Windows How to Update Hardware Drivers on Windows

Drivers are generally programs that let your attached hardware devices communicate with Windows. It is the language understood by which Windows understands what you hardwares need to do - say print for a printer, check out the pictures for your digital camera, scan for scanners and so on.

So why do we need to update the driver? Sometimes manufacturers create new drivers to fix bugs with the program. Also, they might also add new features for the hardware. There are also times they aim for compatibility, newer windows coming out tend to look for newer drivers to make it work properly.

To find out information about what hardware drives are currently on your PC follow these steps:

1) Click on your Start button.

2) Right click on the My Computer Icon and click Properties

3) System Properties window will appear. Click on the Hardware tab. Then click on the button Device Manager

4) The Device Manager window will open. Now from the list populated, you can see all the drivers and components installed on your computer. To pull up information about the device that you desire, click on the plus (+) sign at the left side of the device and it will list your device model. (Notice that after clicking the plus sign it will become a negative sign (-). In this case, by the figure below I chose to look at my video card drivers under display adapters

5) To obtain information on the driver that you desire, Right click on the device model and click Properties. For this example, I Right clicked on my NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX400 video card device. A pop up box will open with the information on that device. Click on the Driver tab. Now on this tab you will be able to see the information about your device.

6) For this example, I can now go to the website of NVIDIA to check out latest drivers that I can use. Normally, manufacturers have their database of drivers under the Support or Download section.

7) After downloading and saving the installation files for the driver. Double click on the file that you downloaded. Typically, the driver file will automatically install and update your driver. If it does, then you have successfully updated your hardware driver.

NOTE: If the file that you have downloaded does not automatically install your new drivers, but instead generated a file with an .inf extension, continue with the next steps this means that you have to update your driver manually.

8 ) Repeat steps 1 to 4. GO back to Device Manager but this time click on the Update Driver button under the Driver tab of the device’s properties.

9) Hardware update wizard will window will appear. Click on the option labeled Install from a list of specific location (Advanced). Then click Next.

10) The wizard will let you choose your installation options. Select the option labeled Don't search. I will choose the driver to install. Then click Next.

11) A new window will appear. Click the button Have Disk

12) Click the button Browse. Now locate the file you downloaded, particularly the .inf file.

13) After locating the .inf file click Open. Then press the OK button

14) A new window with a list of compatible drives will appear. Select the click on the Next button. You will see that windows will update the driver on it’s own.

15) Click Finish. You have successfully updated your drivers manually.

By Hammurabi on 05-10-2007, 04:30 AM
Talking Description

Hello and congratulations to your perfect description for updating drivers!!!

This I have known, but there are a lot of things which for specialists are normal but not for normal users!

Go on with such descriptions step by step!!!

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