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Best Free Anti-Virus Software

By ran_ran_diaz
The first thing that any computer users should be wary of is the intrusion of viruses and worms in their personal computers. Before surfing the net, start downloading and using applications and it is better to search first for good software that will protect your personal computer from viruses, worms, Trojans and other threats like adware and spyware. From time to time computer users are in search for the best anti-virus scanner. Some may have been effective at first while most of the time it has made our computers worst.

A number of software has promised to do wonders and the popular choices would be Norton and McAfee. However due to user’s feedback the two failed in protecting computers from viruses, worms and intruders over the internet. For one thing Norton takes up so much memory space in your computer making it slow, and for its expensive price then this is not worth it. Same thing with McAfee, it promised to protect your computer but ends up degrading and slowing it down as well.

To date with the noted improvements by their brilliant creators, 3 anti-virus software have gained high ratings from critics and users; the AntiVir Personal Edition by Avira, Avast Home Edition and AVG Free Edition. The best thing about the three mentioned anti-virus scanner is that they are all for free and can be downloaded over the internet.

The AntiVir Personal Edition is effective in scanning bugs and viruses in your computer but does not scan email. According to an anti-virus scanner test performed in a university compared to the other two virus scanners, AntiVir can remove most of the traditional viruses found in your computer. Also with its simple right click interface, one can easily navigate this software. In addition AntiVir automatically updates and also features a scan scheduler.

The next efficient anti-virus scanner is the Avast Home Edition. This software has a very attractive yet user friendly interface. Using this anti-virus scanner will remind you of WinAmp as you can constantly change its skin according to the user’s preference. Function wise Avast will not disappoint you as it scans not just your computer for viruses but also your email. Its effective and fast scanning action has gained popularity among computer enthusiasts and even the new users of Microsoft Vista attest to it. Compared to AntiVir and AVG, this is the only scanner that can minimally removed adwares and spywares.

The AVG Free Edition is also as functional as the other two mentioned anti-virus scanner. It is very fast and has a nice looking interface which will really catch anyone’s attention. What is best about AVG is that it doesn’t take so much of your computer memory space so it is very ideal even for old personal computers.

AntiVir, Avast and AVG are so far the best software for scanning viruses that computer users can have. Among the three however, only Avast was the closest one to remove adware and spywares but paid versions of the said anti-virus scanner performed better during the test. In short for a more safeguarded pc protection, it is better to purchase the upgraded version of these three. But for an anti-virus scanning that doesn’t take up so much space on your computer and most of all free then AntiVir, Avast or AVG will be your best bets. Take your pick!
By computergeek22 on 05-23-2007, 06:25 PM

i do think Norton is the best program yet them free ones i think suck so badly.Norton so what it takes up more memory it works AVG.etc i had s old computer with avg and it had 3 viruses on it i put norton on it never had a problem since. So it is best to to pay more!!
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By passerby1 on 05-24-2007, 03:10 AM
Default free anti virus

Originally Posted by computergeek22 View Post
i do think Norton is the best program yet them free ones i think suck so badly. Norton so what it takes up more memory it works AVG. etc i had s old computer with avg and it had 3 viruses on it i put norton on it never had a problem since. So it is best to to pay more!!
yup but when it comes to free anti virus scanner these three are the best. But if i will rank among the three id choose AVAST perhaps! AntiVir is good also but avast looks nice
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By D_Termined on 02-16-2011, 01:39 AM
Thumbs up Top Anti-Virus and Internet Software

The best Anti-Virus and Internet software to place on your computers are the ones you have to spend a few bucks on. In my humble opinion, I believe that if you can't spend a few dollars on a reputable software program, you shouldn't be using a computer. A great way to find out which software programs are doing their jobs is to take a look at the VB 100 RAP Report at Virus Bulletin : VB RAP testing results
There you'll find all of the top named Endpoint Security Programs, and how they were ranked amongst each other. I personally like sunbelt security (VIPRE). I also like Coranti, PC Tools, Kaspersky, Webroot, and ESET NOD32. Those are just a few of the programs of my particular choice. Everyone has their own favorites. As far as free software programs, the only one I would recommend is Malware Bytes. In the end run, the way we use our computers is going to determine how they obtain viruses. Just be careful while surfing the internet. Mozilla Firefox has lots of security Add-Ons for their browser. I hope I was of some help to anyone !
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