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Originally Posted by Kamesh
My friend has a system with an Iwill KK226 motherboard, an Athlon chip (not sure of the number), a Western Digital 120GB hard drive, two CD-ROM drives (one reg, one R/W) and a floppy drive.

Recently, his keyboard and stopped working, and at the same time he noticed that a jumper had fallen off (of either the motherboard or one of the drives) and was at the bottom of his PC case.

He got a new keyboard and we attached it, but it will only work in safe mode. We read the Iwill diagram and manual, but there was no mention of what could cause this. We worked for 6 hours yesterday trying to boot with different disks and hard drive jumper settings. Now it will boot from the CD-ROM, but it comes up in safe mode with an error about the I/O driver (yet we can't install the driver software from safe mode).

Can any one over here troubleshoot this???

Nice specs.I think you have to go to your local store to replace this one.
I think the motherboard is the problem here.The I/O ports.

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