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Originally Posted by Tom Varghese View Post
This is to remind you a strange event. Yesterday, I started doing something with computer. Then it was found that keyboard has no problem. But now the problem occures.
In both cases, uninstallation of NFS(a game) was the last event. Perhaps, it may be the problem. If you have any idea, help me.
That very well could be the issue. Some games have an override script so that the keys on the keyboard can be used to control the functions of the game and game pieces...It could be that the memory for the override is not releasing itself when the game ends....thus giving you the in-correct key function. This happens from time to time when using an older game that is played in a compatability mode or when dealing with game play on a laptop.

A work around would be to update the driver files of the keyboard...

This may also help, although it is not especially designed for your problem. I have found that this utillity has helped on some other memory issues. It will not hurt your computer at all...and if you are using Vista, it is now included in the files...It operates in the background so you do not even have to deal with it except to install it.

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