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Wombat 03-13-2008 04:50 PM

New IE Flaw Two Years After Patch...

Computer & Internet Security News

12 March 2008
Two years after patch, a new IE FTP flaw

By Robert McMillan, IDG news service
A flaw in the way Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser processes FTP commands could let attackers steal or erase data from a victim's FTP site.

The bug, which affects users of IE6 and the unsupported IE5 browser, gives an attacker a way of hijacking the victim's FTP sessions. But a successful attack would be very hard to pull off and would only work in very precise and targeted attacks, security experts said.

The attacker would need to know the victim's user name on the FTP server and the victim would have to already be logged into the server, using IE. Under those conditions, the victim could be sent a malicious FTP link that would then execute commands on the victim's FTP server.

This link could be sent to the browser via an invisible iFrame component, hidden on a malicious website, so the victim might not even know the attack was taking place.

"It's something that people could use to steal data, but you'd have to know your target," said Derek Abdine, the principal software engineer with security vendor Rapid7, who unveiled the issue in a security advisory.
"The attack seems viable, but the stars have to be aligned just right for the attack to work," said Craig Schmugar, a researcher with McAfee's Avert Labs. "An administrator would need to be authenticated already or the server would need to be configured with weak credentials."

Rapid7 notified Microsoft of the issue in January. A month later, after the software giant had not patched the issue, it decided to publish proof-of-concept code to illustrate the flaw.
This article sourced from here: - Two years after patch, a new IE FTP flaw

Soooooooooo the mighty vole still have problems with Internet Explorer. What chances are they, that IE 7.0 and IE 8.0 are full of holes as well.

All the more reason to jump ship and go with either Firefox or Opera for a secure browsing experience...

Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable

Opera browser: Home page

lurkswithin 03-13-2008 06:57 PM


Something for the next generation of script kiddies to pull as pranks on their friends....let's see.....friend John uses FTP server "send me the files" and his user name is J Q Public and so I will just erase all the files he has downloaded..heheheheheh that is so funny the jokes on him.


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