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rachel99 09-09-2008 02:56 AM

How does he know it's ME!!
I have a buddy on MSN LIVE Messenger (latest version). If I create an account on Yahoo Messenger (latest version), under an entirely different name, he comes on Yahoo Messenger and says, "Rachel I know this is you." I've tried opening several Yahoo Messenger accounts, but he comes into a chatroom with his webcam, and can always tell which user I am. Is there a security breech or an underground program that allows an MSN LIVE Messenger buddy to see your activities on Yahoo Messenger? Is it solely a Yahoo thing? Is he somehow seeing the same IP address on both messengers? Someone PLEASE HELP ME. This is an emergency. Thanks!!

lurkswithin 09-09-2008 10:03 AM

Both MSN and Yahoo mesenger programs allow for someone else to see when you come on line.... I thought it was from the sign on name but it could be linked to the IP and a computer IDentifier. Never really gave it much thought.

You might try clearing all your cookies and passwords and temp files to clear your system from selfsigning into the messenger service.

Google for ATF cleaner a free program that will clean out these items. Just select all and click ok to remove and it is done. You will have to re-login to all your websites and forums that you usually monitor....

Has this person had access to your computer with or without your permission? if so he may have installed a keylogger or some other spy program that you will need to search for to find.

Wombat 09-09-2008 06:25 PM

You probably have opened a file from him that contained a keylogger / trojan, it is then easy for him to see what your passwords / usernames / are.

First rule of chat rooms etc. NEVER, EVER OPEN FILES PEOPLE SEND YOU ON IM...

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