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pairbrother 12-24-2005 07:00 AM

Best Browser
What browser do you use, Before FF came, I used to like IE a lot, but FF has changed all that, the most attractive thing about FF is tabbed-browsing, also i think it loads fast enough, has got a powerful popup blocker, is compliant with the w3c standards, and more importantly , it is free and supported by the open source community!

JustNewbie 01-08-2006 09:02 AM

I am still using IE. Since all the websites are designed how it will be looked in IE and well I think IE is still dominating all of the browsers. It is said that 95% of the web surfers use IE, I'm not sure the data is still correct in the present day. However, FireFox is going to take over IE, I know that and I will try FireFox in the near future.

CMan 01-09-2006 11:44 PM

FireFox is by far the best, IMO, lots of good features, especially how you can have diffrent tabs open. I also like the diffrent plugins you can get. Firefox got alot of nice improvements with the new release (1.5)


Momo 01-14-2006 01:48 AM

I'm using Firefox, it's more stable than IE and I love its many features -- tabbed browsing being the top one. :)

austin 01-14-2006 08:00 PM

Eh...Well, I used to use firefox until Opera became free without ads...I actually like Opera more than I did FireFox just because Opera is just as fast (in my opinion) and it looks a lot better with an equal number of features :)

ChatMod#1 01-23-2006 01:43 AM

I use both IE as well as Firefox. I can't really choose between both of them.

Missie 02-05-2006 01:44 PM

Opera is the all time best browser. If you don't have it yet, you should get it. Once you use to for like an hour max, you won't ever be able to go back to any of the other ones. That's just how cool it is.

Twinkle 02-06-2006 06:16 AM

Opera is the one of the best browser in thw world.

-Tabbed browsing
-Fast and unstopable Browser
-Image hide option
-Pop-up bloked
-Easy handling.
-Free and fast supports from fourms:)
-New unrealesed version of opera (opera 9) is enbled of antibugs. :)

Missie 02-06-2006 01:22 PM

Awesome Twinkle! Another Opera user. They are rare lol.

eShutterBUG 02-09-2006 07:25 PM

Firefox wins HANDS DOWN. IE has no tabs and it's never met my appeal. Opera is so screwed up on my computer with this stupid log-in popup every 2 minutes that I can't get to go away. And when I log in it doesn't work anyways. Safari is pretty cool but I can't get it on Dell obviously, so I vote Firefox.

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