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The software you're looking at won't protect a DVD, only access rights for devices on your computer.
"CD-DVD Lock is intended for restricting read or write access to removable media..."CD-DVD Lock - password protect CD/DVD/HDD/Floppy drives

You want something more along the lines of this.
Macrovision RipGuard-MOD™: Protecting DVD Content Owners from Consumer Piracy

While that will protect casual copying, it won't protect if from a more tech savvy user. It can't be made 100% compatible AND 100% copy proof.

What are you using to author DVD's? Some software has it built in, or can be added.

more info
Protecting Digital Assets - Digital Content Protection, Part II: Beyond Digital: Macrovision DVD Copy Protection
CD/DVD copy protection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
dvd copy protection - Google Search

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