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Default DDR 667 memory is running @ 333MHz

Originally Posted by AndyGoh56 View Post
I just install A-Data RAM 2X1GB ( 667Mhz) .
When I download and run PC Wizard 2007 , it told me that my memory speed is only 333Mhz . { [email protected] PC2-5300(333Mhz) }
I went into my desktop BIOS to check and it said current memory speed 667Mhz.
Can anyone help me explain why PC Wizard 2007 is not registering that my RAM is running at 667Mhz as it suppose to be and only 333Mhz.
I also downloaded another software SIW and it said same ,ie, 333Mhz.

Can someone help explain the difference ?.
DDR SDRAM means double-data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory.
The memory is running at 333MHz (the bus speed) but it transfer data both on the rising and falling edge of the clock.
Check this link: DDR2 SDRAM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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