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1-DFI Lanparty UT RDX200 CF-DR ATI Socket 939 ( i'll be able to upgrade to X2 CPU)

Before we move onto memory, CPU and the HSF, let's address your motherboard.

Why are you going with a Crossfire motherboard if you are going to use a nVidia card? You need to do a bit more research, SLi = nVidia, Crossfire = ATi. Sure, you can use an ATi card in an SLi board, but the ATi cards do not have the ability to do SLi. Vice versa is the same.

What are the timings for the Redline? Really, I think you'd be safe going with either module kit.

Do they make Venice 3000's? I haven't kept up a whole lot on the processor scene, but the reason to go with a 3200 with the Winchesters is that they had the 10x multiplier unlocked. I've heard great things about the 3500, but I'd say any of those should suit you fine.

As for cooling, I've only used Zalman once. But you can always trust Thermalright.

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